Armoured Commander 1 Available on Steam for Free

I realise as I write this that I haven’t been keeping up with how Armoured Commander II has been doing since it hit Steam the other month. Turns out quite well – it’s already on Version 5.2.6, and the developer has recently conducted a poll to figure out where to go next with this time and resources.

Meanwhile, the original Armoured Commander game that was released in 2017 has been thrown up on Steam, completely free. We originally wrote about it here, and it’s a neat little game and well worth trying out if you haven’t already. It’s feature complete and as good as it can be, but there isn’t going to be any further development done to it.

It’s also worth noting that you can grab an early version of Armoured Commander II for free via the developer’s official website. It’s a build that’s not being developed anymore, however, but if you want to ‘try’ ArmCom2 to see what it’s like this is one way you can do that, as is trying out the original game.