Close Combat: The Bloody First Beta Applications Open

While a bit controversial for some, there are plenty of people excited for Slitherine’s upcoming new vision for the Close Combat series in Close Combat: The Bloody First. Moving to a 3D engine especially was seen as a contentious move, and the last time we played we weren’t sure if it was a help or a hindrance.

Still, there was plenty of other things we liked about The Bloody First, and for anyone else who’s looking forward to it then you’ll be pleased to hear that Slitherine have today opened up Beta sign-ups for the game.

You can click on this link to register you interest to help playtest the game prior to its release (hopefully, later this year). If you’ve previously signed up for the Alpha, there’s no need to re-apply as Slitherine will have already entered your name in for the Beta as well.

Since it’s been so long, a round-up of some vital stats for the game:

  • 1 Grand Campaign, 3 Theatre Campaigns (Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy), 11 Operations and 36 battles.
  • 32 completely new battlefield maps covering the rugged terrain of Tunisia (14 maps), the mountains and valleys of Sicily (11 maps) and the beaches and bocage of Normandy (11 maps).
  • Over 50 different vehicles, 300+  infantry and heavy weapon teams and over 100+ weapons and including for the first time US equipment from 1942-43.
  • For the first time in Close Combat, the armed forces of Italy appear in an official release.
  • Integrated multi-player lobby and match-making forums.
  • Multiplayer allows for Co-Op play vs. the AI.
  • Full Scenario Editor – Create your own “what if” battles.

It’s anyone’s guess when The Bloody First will release, but it’s already been delayed once from last year so we’d be highly surprised if it slips again. Sometime in the summer, hopefully?