Close Combat: The Bloody First Gets New Map/Modding Tools & a Discount

Matrix Games’ reboot of the classic Close Combat franchise got off to a decent, if rocky start and the dev team have been hard at work improving the game ever since. Close Combat: The Bloody First received a new update this week that introduces a map editor, mod tools, and there’s even a sale running!

Is it our birthday or something? Patch 1.1.1 brings with it a lot of changes around user content creation, multiplayer and other fixes. Here is the full change-log:

Map Editor Changes:

  • Press ‘P’ key to toggle cursor terrain and coordinate display.
  • Mouse over an object and hit PgUp/PgDn to cycle through the possible variations in model / texture.
  • Better alignment of fences and walls when placing them in a row.
  • Battle damage type objects (foxhole, gun pit, craters) cannot be created via the editor and no longer show up in the object list. May be implemented in the future.
  • Fix for mods loading custom maps while using the stock campaign.
  • Fixed missing default textures on dead cow objects.
  • Fixed incorrect texture names in data file for low stone wall, low mud wall, high mud wall, and wreck objects.
  • Fix for mouse handling when Scenario Editor screen is up.
  • Fix for hang when mouse over exactly overlapping buildings.
  • Fixes for texture loading and saving.

Content Creator Update:

  • Force Supply Level now updates correctly after each battle.
  • Force Supply Level on Planning and Briefing screen now displays correct value.
  • Fixed case where Kasserine Pass operation would not becoming available when it should.
  • “PLAY <scenario>” button only displays for Custom Battle or Saved Games lists if you have at least one item in the list.
  • Multiplayer: Client now shows correct unit status icons for enemy in sight, firing, etc.
  • Multiplayer: Unit action string now updated correctly on client during a co-op battle.
  • Multiplayer: Queued orders are displayed correctly on the client.
  • Multiplayer: Default Defend/Ambush order arcs appear correctly on the client.
  • A unit’s current order line/arcs are no longer displayed while unit is broken or routing.
  • Tooltips added to the Soldier screen weapon, achievement, and medal icons.
  • A battle map preview can now be accessed from the Force Selection screen (image in the upper left.)
  • Fix for bridge not overwritting deep water terrain (Cerisy)
  • Left click on a live soldier in soldier list centers camera on soldier.
  • Fix for separated soldier failing to rejoin unit if unit aborted a movement order while soldier was separated.
  • Game now allows a battle scenario to begin even if battle end conditions are already in effect.
  • Vehicle kill chance and counter-kill chance now has more influence when choosing a default target.
  • Soldier walking and crawling speeds now less effected by terrain and slope.
  • Vehicle pathing and path-following updated.
  • Vehicles will attempt to keep at least 1m distance from impassable terrain.
  • Vehicles halt before entering impassable terrain and re-path as necessary.
  • Drivers now follow unit movement path more closely.
  • Drivers will adjust vehicle speed more precisely to avoid overshooting a turn.
  • New game options to control Defend/Ambush arc display and behavior.
  • Added the keybind “~” (the tilde key) to deselect all units. Remappable to ESC via OPTIONS.TXT.
  • Fixed potential crash with current unit becoming unselected while queuing orders for that unit.
  • Added ‘Delete File’ button on command screen to delete saved games and custom battles.
  • Unsupported ‘Fog’ weather option no longer appears as a weather choice in the scenario editor.

At the same time, the entire Close Combat franchise is enjoying a sale from now until 5pm BST on April 6th via the Matrix Store. It’s only for digital editions, but you can get older games for up to 75% off, while The Bloody First itself is 35% off.

Are you still playing The Bloody First? How have you found it so far? Let us know in the comments!