Wargamer Weekly: I Could Have Sworn I Saw Some Wargames Around Here Somewhere…

It’s been an incredibly quiet week, which is why we’ve mainly been focusing on updating some of our older lists that were in need of some attention. Ancients & Napoleonic gamers, we got your back! I also find it a perpetually interesting exercise updating our list of ‘Upcoming Games for 2019‘, mainly because I’ve realised some of the games on there have been on that list since January when it was first created.

Someone asked me once “where are all the war game reviews?” when looking at our meagre reviews library and I had to tell them that, honestly, I was wondering where all the war games were, period. It feels at times that this is a shrinking niche, and while we’ve had plenty of awesome new projects announced this year, many will probably slip into 2020.

The indie scene is what we lack the most visibility on – we’ve reviewed plenty of war games that we didn’t know existed until they were out, and struggled to review others because we haven’t been able to get in touch with the creators.

Anyway – 2019 has done alright so far. Let’s see what else has been happening this week in the world of wargames…

World of Submarines

You may remember back in October 2018 we sent someone to go look at the supposed temporary introduction of Submarines to World of Warships. Well, nearly a year later, it looks like they are coming ‘for realsies’.

Ian’s already tried them out for us and his thoughts will be available towards the end of the month, but Wargaming.net will be introducing the new vehicle type in stages – first in a ‘supertest’ then in special servers/game modes, before a general release. If you play World of Warships, make sure you keep one eye beneath the waves later this year.

Panzer Corps 2 Dev Diary

For the lack of anything else to talk about Matrix/Slitherine wise, a new dev diary has been released for Panzer Corps 2. It’s a pretty extensive Q&A that covers everything from the campaign, to supply and everything else. Along with some pretty new screenshots, it’s worth a read if you’re interested in finding out more about the game.

It’s funny to think that PC2 was genuinely toying with a release late last year. Now we’re almost half-way through the third quarter of 2019 and it’s still not out. Makes me wonder what kind of state it would have been in if they’d actually tried to release it in 2018.

Bohemia Interactive Bundle

If you’ve never heard of Humble Bundle before, they’re a storefront that specialise in selling ‘Bundles’ of games on the cheap, with the main draw being you can control how much money goes to Humble and their partners, and how much goes to a Charity either nominated by them, or chosen directly by you. It’s a pretty neat way of getting games on the cheap as well as donating to good causes, and you typically get Steam keys as part of the process so you don’t need to worry about fragmenting your game library.

It’s rare Humble have sales/bundles that are relevant to wargamers, but this week they’ve partnered with Bohemia Interactive to do a neat bundle on some of their catalogue of games. The way it works is that there’s several ‘Tiers’ you can buy into, some requiring a minimum spend, other requiring you pay the current average.

While the first tier is often ridiculously cheap, the quality of games you can get in the first tier vary. The theory then goes that the more you spend, the more value you get overall because you get given more games.

For the Bohemia Bundle, you can get up to $292 worth of games by spending up to $30. We’re highlight this bundle in particular because it’s selling ArmA 3 and its Apex expansion, along with older games like Arma 2 and Arma X: Anniversary Edition. There’s also other games in the bundle you’ll pick up.

Check it out, see what you think – know that we are a humble affiliate so if you buy anything after clicking our link, we’ll get a bit of commission. This bundle only lasts for another 4 days.

That’s all we have for you this week – enjoy your weekends!


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