Wargamer Weekly: Brits Abroad

Another short and sweet update today – do let me know if there’s something that’s happened that I’ve missed. We don’t always get visibility on the happenings in the niche sectors of wargaming. On that same note, if you’re working on anything remotely computer wargame related, make sure you email us. It’s not like we’re swimming in things to talk about here – we WILL write you up, one way or another.

On the site this week, you might have missed the bit where we once again laid down the law on the best WW1 war games. We also had two table-top themed pieces this week; a review of RED STAR/WHITE EAGLE from Bill, and Charles mused about a recent purchase of his. Finally, the second part in our new ‘Command School’ series went live, and we updated our master guide for Panzer Corps 2 with the new information from Dev Diary 3.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming

The Redcoats Are Coming

Not that the British Army has HAD redcoats since the Boer Wars, but you get the idea. It seems 2017’s Afghanistan ’11 is actually getting a pretty meaty expansion – The Royal Marines DLC adds the British Army to the game, with their own semi-unique roster of units, new mechanics and a dedicated campaign. The product page has the full details, but here’s a short feature list:

  • New UK faction 
  • New UK Campaign
  • Civilian vehicles 
  • Car Bombs 
  • Roadblocks 
  • Afghan Police 
  • Intelligence from Villages Rework 
  • FOB Capacity 
  • Automatic trigger of ISAF handover 
  • Special Forces proximity combat modifier 

The new DLC is due out next week on September 6th, and we should have our review ready for launch day.

A Sleeping Giant Awakens

Meanwhile, in WW2… Hearts of Iron 4‘s most recent dev diary gives us a very in-depth view in the changes coming to the US. The problem with America in historical games covering this war is that you can’t let the yanks turn up too early, or the Axis powers don’t stand a chance. Locking them out though presents its own problems for the player, so a lot of the changes will focus on giving the country more depth and the player more to do before Pearl Harbour.

For example, there is a unique Senate mechanic, a more involved process in coming out of the Great Depression, as well as the usual rework of the alternate history trees. You can read more about all this in the full diary.

Steel Division 2

More information on Steel Division 2 has emerged off the back of GamesCom the other week – while we didn’t go ourselves, several comrades in arms at other websites did attend and their coverage is well worth the read. What’s most interesting is that Eugen seem to be showing off a strategic grand-campaign layer, possibly derived from what they did with Red Dragon.

It seems to be turn based, with 12 hour turns and the demo map was 100 x 100 kilometres.

Fraser Brown wrote a detailed report for PC Gamer, while I chap called Hayden did a write up for retailer PC World which has some details too.

V for Victory

This isn’t news so much as it is a source for hype – we’ve been given review code for Victory at Sea: Pacific. It’s due out in September (devs don’t seem to have publicly shared the date yet, so we’ll stay mum on that until they do), so we’ll definitely have our review ready in time. I’ve been really impressed with its scale and depth so far, although the UI and switching between various view modes could do with some work. Stay tuned!

That’s all from us, enjoy your weekends and see you Monday!


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