Wargamer Weekly: Tis the Season to wage wars

We’re coming towards the end of the year now, so things are starting to wind up here at Wargamer HQ – there may or may not be a final weekly update next Friday. I’m going to be out of the office towards the end of next week, but with any luck we’ll have something for you – we’ve got a decent schedule for the holiday break itself.

This week we only reviewed one game, but it’s a style of game we haven’t managed to look at since the late James Cobb passed away at the start of the year. Wargame Design Studio took a break from their JTS remakes to finish Panzer Battles 3, now known as Battles of North Africa 1941.

We also took a look at Arma 3‘s new Warlords mode, as well as putting out our first gameplay guide for Armored Brigade. Finally, Bill recounts his gameplay sessions from Fall In 2018 on the Third Battle of Komarom, 1849.

Coming up next week for sure is our official review of Combat Mission: Shock Force 2, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Matrix Games

Speaking of Armored Brigade, the game has been updated to Version 1.002, which contains some minor fixes. You can download the update from here.

The update train’s not over there though – Field of Glory 2 also has made an update, now to Version 1.5.3. You can read the full change-log here, but the main change is to do with pushbacks on infantry. They now only get pushed back every other opportunity, or 1 in 3, depending on the facing of units.

Finally, Slitherine & Matrix have announced some newcomers to their catalogue. Panzer Doctrine & Land Doctrine are two sandbox-style wargames cantered around the concept of organisation & planning. We actually reviewed Land Doctrine last year, and while it was pretty rough around the edges we never-the-less recognised its unique and abstract approach to wargaming.

To our shame, we didn’t even notice Panzer Doctrine releasing back in September, so we’ll have to try and rectify that with some deeper coverage in the new year. Two decent additions to the roster, regardless, we look forward to seeing what Slitherine can offer the team at Z9K.

Unity of Command

You know… I don’t really care that we still have no idea when this game is releasing. I could just stare at screenshots of Unity of Command 2 all day. I mean look at how redoink pretty it is !?

Anywho, Dev Diary 19 talks a little bit about where the project is at in terms of overall progress, as well as the recent round of changes they’ve made. HQ’s have been tweaked so that their range is shorter and that HQ areas can now overlap, and a lot of work has been put into river boundaries and how they display.

New Game Alert: Invasion Machine

I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure about the theme, but Invasion Machine sure does look pretty. This real-time-tactical wargame seems to want to be a sandbox-style cross between Men of War and Afghanistan ’11, except setting itself in an entirely fictional setting and conflict.

Again, I’m impressed with the tech: The video below we were sent shows off a really nice RTT engine, with lots of contextual menus for granular control as well as nice visuals. The game has an official website and a steam page you can check out, and the full project seems ambitious with a wide-variety of facets although I’m concerned it’s still going to be a bit too action-heavy. The worry is that it will skirt too close to being in bad taste. It’s not like we NEED another faux-middle east COIN war game, after all…

Still, we’ll try and check out more of this project when we can – I’m all for projects that try to modernise wargaming design and systems, regardless of setting.

New Game Alert: Strategic Mind

Last but not least, the creators of Panzer Strategy have announced they’re working on a new game, Strategic Mind: The Pacific. Slightly bonkers name aside, this basically looks to be a Pacific-theatre version of Panzer Strategy, with “mind-blowing historical accuracy and attention to detail.”

Hopefully it has a better launch than its predecessor did, which we weren’t really a fan of, but with any luck Starni will have learned lessons from their work on the first game that they will apply here. You can expect Strategic Mind to set sail on 28th February 2019.

That’s all for this week’s update – enjoy your weekends!


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