Wargamer Weekly: It’s not a Deck

I tell you what – being ill is exactly zero amounts of fun, especially being so ill that you can’t sit at your desk and type or even play games. Still, we’re back, and Wargamer Weekly is continuing today as normal. There’s not much to catch up on as I spun some news stories out earlier in the week instead (it’s been another slow week), but there’s plenty of new things to report on.

Before we move on, the announcement of a new Axis & Allies videogame has reminded me about the existence of the 2004 RTS game from Atari/TimeGate. Does anybody remember that? It was basically C&C, but with a WW2 flavour and officially licensed. I owned it for a time but I don’t anymore but I remember It being kind of neat? Will be interesting to see what Beamdog do with the license themselves, especially since they’re doing a digital port of the physical game, which hasn’t been done since 1998.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Steel Division II

Ok, look… I’m really looking forward to Steel Division 2. I think it’s going to be great, but I’m starting to get unreasonably annoyed by their use of the term ‘deck building’ for the Battlegroup/Division designer. Their latest dev diary shows off the change they’ve made (which are pretty cool), and they’ve even made a video to go with it:

The thing is, there’s nothing about this game that is comparable to card mechanics, or decks. And I say this as someone who plays a lot of actual card games, with actual decks, and actual deck building. It’s an army builder – you build an army, and then you deploy it as resources and the situation allows in real-time. The only thing that would render this highly unnecessary rant mute was if there was purpose some kind of randomness as to what unit ‘cards’ you get given during a game, mimicking the act of drawing a ‘hand’. Then you’d be building a deck.

But yeah, Steel Division 2 is going to be really good.

Victory at Sea: Pacific

The scrappy WW2 Pacific RTS/War game has finally released the British Royal Navy campaign, meaning that all three of the originally intended sandbox experiences are now playable in the game. We haven’t really played VaS:P since our initial review, but we’ve noted that it’s being getting lots of post-release support and updates. I’ve got the other Joe looking into it, so we can see what kind of state the game is. If it’s worth another decent look, we’ll probably do a follow up article on it.

The update also adds some more units, as well as additional tweaks and bug fixes.

Matrix Games/Slitherine

Another relatively quiet week for the UK war game maker, although a few things of note you might be interested in:

That’s all for this week’s update, enjoy your weekends and happy gaming!