Wargamer Weekly: The Quiet of Night

So I’m really starting to get the hand of Rule the Waves 2, at least in the sense that I know what I have to try and keep an eye on. Around the mid-game there’s essentially a Battlecruiser race and these ships usually managed to out-perform whatever I manage to put in the field.

I can usually do well in early wars (provided I’m fighting the right opponent), and I’m good at keeping the smaller ships up to date… but keeping up with the larger vessels is a pain. These things can often take years to build, which in game terms means they’re already obsolete by the time they turn up. With the smaller countries this is to be expected to some degree – they have more limited budgets. Playing with one of the richer countries brings its own challenges because you usually have overseas empires or territories to try and protect, which is a strategic problem all its own.

Charles has written up a Rule the Waves 2 guide I hope you guys will enjoy, so keep an eye out for that Monday.

Meanwhile, in the world of war games…

New Armoured Commander II Build

It’s been a while, but there’s finally a new build for Armoured Commander II. This update introduces an animation layer, the campaign calendar and more. You can download it here.

Matrix Games/Slitherine

No much has been happening from Matrix Games this week – they’ve been rounding up WarPlan previews, one of which is ours from yesterday, and other than that they’re looking to get the community involved in sourcing historical images for use in Panzer Corps 2. Us grogs do love a bit of research!

Utlimate Admiral: Age of Preorders

Colonel Bill sent word that Game-Labs Napoleonic-era naval war game, Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail, is available for pre-order. It comes in three editions:

  • Captain: Standard pre-order. Will allow you to pay a cheaper price for the game by buying-in early, but other than that you get a code when it launches.
  • Commodore: This will allow you access to the game’s alpha build, thus allowing you to help test the game in the run up to its Early Access launch.
  • Admiral: Along with all of the above, you get a ‘Founders’ entry in both the game credits and as an officer in-game.

Bill just said “I got this” in his email, so I’m guessing it’s all in hand.

That’s all we could find to talk about this week – as always if you spot anything else do let us know in the comments!


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