Die By The Sell-Sword – Steam Summer Sale Day #4

Day #4 – Battle Brothers

With Games of Thrones out of the way for another year — don’t spoil it, by the First Men, don’t spoil it! — you’re probably jonesing for some low-fantasy gear to tramp through. The easy recommendation would be the very fine Crusader Kings 2 and a Westeros mod or two, but I simply must tout a different tale; one of dark vales and perilous fens; a coterie of sell-swords. Spiced mead for my friends here, barkeep, and a copy of the brutal Battle Brothers.

Battle Brothers is in Early Access, but it’s as meaty and fulfilling as many full releases. Procedurally-generated open world campaigns keeps its brand of grueling mercenary management full of vigor, as players roam the countryside in search of coin and camaraderie. 

Combat is the draw, where painterly aesthetic meets brutal turn-based intricacy. This one is no walk in the park; permadeath the only certainty in this dark age fantasy strategy. The player’s expanding squad requires arms and upkeep, and with careful strategising, your multitude of war dogs will rise from ignoble squalor to famed and feared fighting men.

A brutal, punchy tactical system within a Mount & Blade-esque overworld, Battle Brothers leaves players with blood under the fingernails and ambition in the heart. Bron Simulator 2016. Were that you had such self-preservation. 

Battle Brothers / -20%


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