Field of Glory: Empires Will Dine in Hell with new Persia DLC

Slitherine’s Field of Glory: Empires marked the start of a new era for AGEOD. A new engine and a new expanded design remit meant it was a grand-strategy game worthy to take on the likes of Imperator: Rome, but still retaining its core wargame focus.

We haven’t really heard much about it since it released last year, though, but today that all changes. Field of Glory: Empires – Persia is coming!

Set during the years 550 – 330 BCE, it offers a brand new campaign map where the focus is more on the eastern side of the Mediterranean. New factions and/or new starting positions for existing factions will shake up the campaign gameplay and throw players into an entirely new setting. Greece is still the centre of the civilised world, but it must contend with the growing might of Persia.

Each major faction will get their own unique focus, as well as access to the new ‘Impediments’ and ‘Perks’ system, alongside new key decisions and tools, such as Federating with barbarians, forming new colonies, or even declaring the Olympic Games.

Field of Glory: Empires – Persia is slated to release “later this year”. You can sign up to be a beta tester here.