Games Workshop teases updated map for Warhammer: The Old World

You may remember last year Games Workshop officially announced they were bringing back the ‘Old World’ Warhammer Fantasy setting. Even now, over a year later, it’s still super early in development, but there’s been a couple of teases since.

Back in February, the Warhammer Community team offered an initial glimpse at the new map, focusing on the Empire region. A few days ago they offered a further glimpse, this time looking at Bretonnia and going into a bit more detail as to who’s around. The map’s been filled in even more now and it’s looking pretty great.

Check out the blog post, and you’ll be able to read up on details regarding new Bretonnian heraldry, what the Orcs are currently up to as well as the High Elf enclaves that are in the area.

You can also check out the new map as it stands currently, but here’s a repost if you just want something to look at:

Still no idea when they’re looking to officially tell us what the deal will be. It probably won’t be a game like the Warhammer Fantasy line of old, but would they really want to just release a reskin of Age of Sigmar? Perhaps it’ll be something in between. Either way, we’re looking forward to finding out more.


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