Hearts of Iron 4’s next DLC releases next month and will focus on Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece

Two bits of good news to report today. Firstly, as you may have already seen we’re getting a new piece of Hearts of Iron 4 DLC called Battle of the Bosphorus. Secondly we don’t have to wait nearly a whole year for it to come out – this new ‘Country Pack’ will be releasing in exactly three weeks’ time.

Battle of the Bosporus is being pitched as a smaller DLC, that’s less about big sweeping overhauls or mechanics changes, and more focused on a small select group of nations. This is similar to what was done for Death or Dishonor, and even Together for Victory to some extent (although the dev team’s design ethos has changed a lot since the early days).

For the new expansion, the chosen few this time around are Bulgaria, Turkey & Greece who will each receive new Focus Trees that will offer each faction several distinct narrative paths, based loosely around Fascist, Communist, Democratic and in some cases even ‘Neutral’ stances. Turkey, as it happens, is the most requested ‘minor’ nation in terms of who should get a new content pass.

The DLC also comes with new music, new 3D models for Turkish and Balkan armies (which we assume will extend to the rest of the region, not just Greece & Bulgaria) as well as unique voiceovers. This is going to be a very lean pack – don’t expect any new mechanics.

Every expansion is usually accompanied by a free patch, but there have been no details given yet what will be going into the next update (which will be Patch 1.10 ‘Collie’ as per earlier reports).

Turkey’s navigation of the second world war is actually quite fascinating; we highly recommend you read this week’s Hearts of Iron 4‘s dev diary, which gives a brief overview of what Turkey did and goes on to explain how they’ve translated that into the new focus tree:

Turkey did not formally enter the Second World War until 1945, and never participated in any active fighting, yet as a nation they consistently held the dubious honour of being able to fundamentally alter the war’s trajectory with their own participation throughout almost the entire conflict. They were courted by every alliance but maintained and leveraged their position of strength so that they could maintain their neutrality while still winning all the favours of courtship from the Allies, the Comintern, and the Axis.

Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus will be released on October 15th, 2020 on Steam and via the Paradox store for $9.99/£7.19/€9.99. Wargamer is affiliated with the Paradox store.


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