Hasbro is bringing back HeroQuest via crowdfunding

As much as Games Workshop is best known for their grim & dark miniature wargames, their original roots were much more varied. For example, did you know that in 1989 they teamed up with Milton Bradley to create an adventure board game called HeroQuest?

Games Workshop, which even back then was known for its miniatures, supplied the models and a lot of artwork that powered the game at the time. Entertainment giant Hasbro has owned the Milton Bradley Company since 1984, and is now relaunching HeroQuest via their own crowdfunding platform HasLab. It will be published under the Avalon Hill label but will only be shipped to US and Canadian addresses.

For the low, low price of $99.99 (known as the ‘Heroic Tier’), you can get a modernised version of this classic adventure game complete with 76 (non GW) miniatures, a game board, a game master’s screen, over 90 cards and six custom engraved dice, not to mention character sheets and other bits and bobs.

Amongst the miniatures, there will be some HasLab exclusives, such as an additional hero, as well as alternate sculpts of the other main mains so you can play as male or female. There’s also going to be lots of scenery.

But we all know how crowd-funding works – it’s all about those stretch goals and bonus extras, right? Well unlike many crowd-funding campaigns, you’re not automatically entitled to stretch goals with the HeroQuest relaunch. You have to buy into the $149.99 ‘Mythic’ tier to be able to get those, and this tier also comes with even more exclusive minis and two expansions – Return of the Witch Lord & Keller’s Keep. These two were originally published in 1989 within a year of the base game being released.

The board game landscape has changed a lot since the early 90’s, so it will be interesting to see if this legend can compete with everything that’s happened to the space recently. We’ll let you know if anything changes with regards to shipping to the EU and elsewhere.

At the time of writing $889,289 has been pledged out of a goal of $1,000,000.


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