Seasons greetings! Merry Christmas & a happy New Year!

As is tradition, and especially as this will be my last holiday season as editor for Wargamer, I’m dropping by (from a few days ago, as this was prepped in advance) to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas, or, if you don’t believe in the mythology that surrounds today, seasons greetings.

Hopefully Joe’s feature yesterday on 12 excellent wargames to play over the period will keep you busy through to the new year (if you’re in an area with heavy restrictions like I am, you’re going to need something to pass the time!), and there’s still plenty more to look forward to next week as we’ve got retrospective features from Jack, Timothy and Bill covering a wide range of topics across digital and tabletop.

2021 is already shaping up to be a banner year for digital wargames, and with the new editorial team waiting in the wings Wargamer is poised to become better than it’s ever been.

They’ll be changes and there are going to be some losses; if you’re aware of what happened with the Pocket Tactics migration, you’ll have a rough idea.

A new team and a new vision means you’ll start seeing things covered that we didn’t before, but that doesn’t mean that the old hot topics will fade away. Digital wargames are integral to Wargamer’s identity, and that’s not going anywhere. But it will become just one part of the new identity you will forge together with the team.

I’ll be talking more about everything when we return in January and making introductions. For now, enjoy your day, enjoy the holiday break and have a happy new year!


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