Kick-start your 3D printed fantasy miniature collection with this unique Humble Bundle

We like to talk about deals and sales here every no and then – not only is it a Public Good to let you all know when there’s something interesting going for a good price, but in some circumstances we actually benefit from it as well via a small share of affiliate money.

Earlier in the month you may remember we shared with you a Humble Bundle that offered a cheap way to get into ArmA 3, and we’re back with another bundle today. This one though is something slightly different to what we’d normally talk about.

For as little as £0.76, you can get up to 195 different files for 3D printable table-top miniatures and terrain items. It’s worth pointing out that there’s a distinct fantasy theme here, with the files ranging from Orc Berserker miniatures to item-sets that let you kit you a necromancer’s study.

We’re not going to break down the Tiers as we usually do as this isn’t our area of expertise, but you need to pay £15.37 for the highest tier, which also holds the lionshare of all the 3D print files on offer. You’ll need a 3D Printer itself as well, obviously.

The entire collection is reported to be worth $340 at full price, and you can of course donate to charity if you decide to indulge.

Something different, for sure, but let us know if you do decide to pick the bundle up! The Humble Fantasy 3D Printable Models Bundle will be running for the next 20 days, ending on September 9th.


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