Lock Pick – Steam Summer Sale Day #1

Day #1 – Invisible, Inc.

Klei are a fantastic studio, matching deft art with honed gameplay. No greater illustration of their craft than the terrific espionage-themed TBS Invisible, Inc. 

Oozing as much style as substance, Invisible, Inc. has players light-foot their way through dense corporate labyrinths around the world. Teamwork and tactics are essential, operatives using their discrete abilities to peel back the electronic monitoring systems, keep resident security forces in check, rescue captives and make off with all manner of intel. Procedurally-generated levels offer immense replay value; each randomised complex feeling intricate and — most importantly — logical.

It’s a smart and sophisticated game, but moreover, it’s a beautiful game. Characters feel akin to Tony Fucelle and Teddy Newton’s work on The Incredibles; perfect, svelte stylisation of the spy aesthetic, with sumptuous animation to boot. A sleek soundtrack and subtle sound design seal the deal. In short, if you wanted a modern stealth classic minus a drunken Michael Ironside or giant pissing robots, this is your jam. And for the current price of a blueberry muffin at your local boutique coffeehouse, you’d have to be a double-agent to deny yourself.

Invisible Inc. / -66%


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