Matrix Games Announces All of the Things

It was a busy day for Matrix Games & Slitherine yesterday. Instead of spacing things out like a normal company would, they decided to announce everything ever, all in one day.

To kick things off, the Wargaming company let us know that to celebrate the release of the Winter War DLC for Order of Battle: World War II, they will be having a special stream on their Twitch channel.

The DLC is due to begin rolling out at 2PM BST, and the stream will start CEST 8 PM / UTC 6 PM / EDT 2 PM

Next, Matrix treated us to a nifty series of info-graphics on the Second World War to help promote Strategic Command, a new title coming this fall that puts you in charge of the Axis or Allies as a whole. As a player, this means that you have to think on a truly global scale. Go check out the page to see a break down on how the Axis and Allies squared up at different points of the war.

As if THAT wasn’t enough, we then heard word from a very tired and grumpy looking Samurai that a new DLC for Sengoku Jidai was on its way. Titled Gempei Kassen, this expansion covers a period 300 years prior to the Sengoku era, where one of the biggest conflicts of Medieval Japan took place and led to the rise of the Shoguns.

It features a brand new dynamic campaign, with six playable factions and several improvements, such as a new model for the Raw Naginata unit, a brand new Ashigaru texture, and new army lists!

To be honest, I was ready to call it a good day there and go home, but as I went to close down my computer a bunch of screenshots flew out of my monitor and hit me in the face.

“You’re not done yet,” they said.

You’ll remember Wars of Successions, the new AGEOD game announced at the beginning of the month? It covers Europe in the early 18th century, during the last days of the Spanish Hapsburg dynasty and the continent on the brink of all-out war.

Well, since we don’t have a firm release window yet, you’ll have to console yourselves with these new screenshots from the current alpha build.

Oh, and the first episode of Command Live went out on Tuesday as well.

Can I go home now?

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