Matrix Games & Slitherine Mark D-Day’s 75th Anniversary with a Sale

To be fair, despite everything making a big deal about the D-Day remembrance this year with it being the 75th Anniversary, Slitherine & Matrix Games have always run a sale on D-Day, and this year’s no exception.

You have from until June 9th to get 30% off a range of titles from Slitherine/Matrix’s catalogue using the discount code ‘D-Day30‘. Remember you have to use this during the check-out process – if you’re at the point where you’re giving over your card information, you’ve gone too far.

Matrix & Slitherine’s catalogue is quite extensive, as is the list of games that are eligible for the discount, so there’s bound to be something you’ll want to consider. Here are a few specific highlights:

Strategic Command WW2: World at War – the most recent Strategic Command release, this is an excellent time to pick up this grand-strategy WW2 game if you haven’t already.

Battle for Korsun – this is a more light-weight hex-and-counter wargame developed by one-man band Yobowargames, who’ve recently partnered with Matrix to publish their games. His other title, Kursk – Battle at Prochorovka is also in the sale.

There’s also games like the Gary Grigsby’s titles in the sale, although be aware that they’ve had a far better price as recent as February 2019, where they were discounted by 70%. If you’re waiting for a good deal to pick them up, you can probably wait a little longer.

Let us know if you do pick anything up!


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