The Future of Wargamer

Hello everyone! So, you may remember that we hired an Editor and Staff Writer towards the end of last year. These two new recruits will form the core of an editorial team that will lead Wargamer to a bigger and brighter future.

To confirm – yes, this means that I will be stepping down as Editor for Wargamer, which on the current timetable should be around the end of January. Wargamer will relaunch with a brand new, shiny website and you will be left in the very capable hands of my successor, Alex Evans, and his trusty Staff Writer Callum Bains.

I’m going to pause for a moment and let them say hello!

Alex: Hi folks. I’ve been obsessed with all things gaming – but especially anything filled with strategy, tactics, compelling storytelling, fantasy, sci-fi or painted toy soldiers (ideally all mixed together in a bucket, Mr Creosote-style) for at least 20 years, and working in journalism and online media for seven of those. 

Only in the past few months have I had the signal honour and genuine thrill of bringing those two sides of myself together in the massive project that is relaunching Wargamer. You’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks but, for now, know that I am serious about making the new, reborn site the absolute best place for all wargamers – new and old – and that every single one of you is invited. We’re going to do great things, and we’d love you to join us.

Callum: Hello everyone! I’ll have the distinct pleasure of jumping aboard Wargamer as a staff writer, and simply cannot wait to get stuck in. My gaming tastes cover a variety of lovelies – from the frenetic dogfighting of X-Wing, to the shrewd strategising of Root, and on to the whimsical combat of party dungeon-crawlers. I can dig anything that gets thrown on the tabletop.

I’ve previously penned pieces for the likes of TechRadar,, Clash, and The Telegraph, but am keen to make Wargamer the hotspot for illustrious, insightful and inspirational coverage of all your wargaming needs. We’re going to have a cracking go of it and some good fun along the way.

I’ve been working with Alex and Callum closely since they joined, and they’re both lovely people, and very passionate. You’re going to be in great hands.

What does this mean?

This is the third time I’ve migrated a website from one platform to another. If any of you happened to have been around since 2016 and frequented the forums or the other websites I used to run, you may have an idea of what’s coming.

To be clear, there are two main things you need to think about:

  • When the site relaunches at the end of the month, a significant portion of the content library will be lost.
  • A new team, naturally, means a fresh editorial direction and outlook.

On the latter, I’m going to leave it to Alex to talk about in more detail when he takes the reins, so keep an eye out for his official ‘hello’ post further down the line. If you’ve been paying as much attention as I hope you have, you’ll have seen the kind of things I’ve experimented with over the years. The new team means those experiments can be kicked into high gear. 

Yes, you will see new things written about; yes, not all them will be purely ‘wargaming’, but you will also see plenty of the same content that you’ve been used to all these years. Like, War in the East 2 is due out this year, people, we’re not going to ignore that.

It’s important we come back to the first point, however. Wargamer has been around a long time – the CMS I currently have only goes as far back as 2003/4, but general wisdom suggests that the site has been going since the mid ’90s. That’s a lot of content, and much of it has already been dragged through several website iterations in the past. Quite frankly, the older stuff looks a bit terrible and isn’t easy to read.

Alex, Callum, and I have been working since before Christmas to migrate a selection of key articles, but as much as we’d like to, it simply isn’t possible to migrate everything. Anyone is welcome to try and archive or even just make a copy of whatever articles they want.

Wargamer has had a long and proud legacy, but it’s time to let it really spread its wings and fly, which requires some tough choices. Mourn the old website if you must – and yes, the loss of so much content is a shame – but know that the future’s bright, and that Wargamer is in the best place it’s ever been.

It’s genuinely been a pleasure running Wargamer and providing you with whatever stories I could from this wonderful and bonkers hobby. You’ve got me for a couple more weeks yet, and I’ll still be running the place up ’til the relaunch.


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