News Round-Up – Men of Harlech, Forces of the Covenant, Members of PETA…

Welcome to another weekly round-up of some of the more interesting happenings in the world of wargaming. Matrix have been quite busy this week, and we’ve got a few other highlights for you as well.

Matrix Games/Slitherine

Afghanistan ’11 – Building upon the popular Vietnam ’65 game, Matrix and ESS have announced that that the contemporary sequel will be launching on March 23rd, 2017. To recap what the game is all about:

Afghanistan ’11 isn’t your standard wargame: if you want to win it won’t just be about eliminating the enemy on the battlefield, but you will need to conquer the Hearts & Minds of the locals by ensuring safety to villages, isolating and eliminating Taliban units, training the Afghan army and building and protecting infrastructure.

Expect a lot of concerns over logistics & supply and guerrilla warfare as you try and bring peace to the region. We’ve been given access to the beta so keep an eye out for more coverage on the horizon.

Sanctus Reach – Matrix’s new flagship 40K title has received its first major update. Version 1.0.10 focuses mainly on the force selection screen, giving you a greater pool of units and improving the carry-over with upgraded units. The Hour of the Wolf campaign has also been re-balanced to produce better skirmish maps.

You can read our review of Sanctus Reach here; otherwise go here for the full change-log.

Order of Battle: Kriegsmarine – Matrix recently announced the newest expansion to come to Order of Battle. Kriegsmarine takes the series backs to its roots somewhat by focusing on the German Navy’s efforts during the war. You can read a quick introduction and guide to the new expansion here.

Command LIVECMANO has announced its first new LIVE episode for 2017 – the Korean Missile Crisis. This latest ‘what if?’ DLC takes us to North Korea and explores what would happen if the current regime developed nuclear missiles that could strike the continental United States. You can read more about the new update here.

One Page Rules Patreon

You may remember we’ve covered One Page Rules before when we had Paul check out their WW2-themed rule-set. It was a fascinating exercise in wargaming on a budget, and we found the rules were very concise and to the point.

OPR was founded by freelance game designer Gaetano Ferrara in 2014, and since then the project has grown  so much that he’s decided to have a bit of a re-brand and start his own Patreon, which you can see here.

All of his current OPR documents will still be supported, although some like the 40K OPR have been decoupled from their parent IP to avoid and legal trouble. You can visit the Patreon here, or check out the official website.

Games Workshop vs. PETA

You may or may not be aware that PETA have sent a letter to Games Workshop asking them to remove Fur from their miniatures, because they feel it sends the wrong the message to people, I guess? Bell of Lost Souls has a scan of the letter for you to read, but Games Workshop’s response is pretty hilarious so make sure you check that out.

Saluting Fellow Braves

Look, we just came here to build a bridge, ok? To assist us in this task, we’ve got this handy new manual called The Wargamer’s Guide to The Anglo-Zulu War, from Pen and Sword Books. This is not a rule-set of its own, more of a setting guide that comes with tips and information as to what rules and miniatures best support the conflict.

It goes without saying that 1964’s Zulu is the greatest film ever made, so anything that allows you to recreate that must be worth its weight in mealie bags. You can pre-order it from Pen & Sword for £10.39 (RRP £12.99), and it will be released on March 30th, 2017.

New Halo: Ground Command Packs

Spartan Games have released new Halo: Ground Command unit packs in the form of the UNSC ODST Air Assault Unit and the Covenant Elite Ultra Unit. The former you may remember from Halo: Reach with their handy jump packs, while the latter are deployed via a Drop Pod and are generally the bane of your existence in all Halo games.

The UNSC troops are £13, while the Covenant forces are £14. Because Sangheili are taller than Humans, I guess.

That’s all for this week’s update, if there’s anything else you want to highlight, let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, come back next week for some more news and announcements and remember; look to your front, mark the targets as they come.

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