News Round-Up – Wargames Give, and Wargames Take

Welcome back to our weekly wrap up of some of the more interesting bits of news and happenings in the world of wargaming. A bit of a bumper one for you this week, so sit back and get yourself caught up.

Matrix Games/Slitherine

A quiet one from the wargames company this week in terms of news and announcements, but there are two things worth highlighting.

Despite being known about for a while, Matrix and AGEOD have finally & formally announced their English Civil War wargame, unsurprisingly called The English Civil War.

You’ll be terrified pleased to know that, despite cool new innovations in game engine technology (just look at Matrix/Slitherine’s new Archon engine), AGEOD are still using their ancient tried & true AGE engine for this game. Kill me now Yay! Here’s a summary taken from the announcement:

Two playable factions, six scenarios, Historical Events triggered throughout the game, Regional Decision Cards and more will make you relive the wars that laid the foundation of the British Empire.

Click here for more details, or go straight to the product page.

The other thing worth highlighting is a video Straylight Entertainment created on how to use the Editor in turn-based 40K title Sanctus Reach. The editor is mainly for creating custom scenarios, as Matrix will have a very specific license agreement with Games Workshop in terms of factions, races, planets etc.… although if you look hard enough, you’ll find some mods that already let you do some of that.

Salute 2017

For those of you who live in the UK or like going to this UK-based wargaming event, the organisers have published a list of games/companies that will be in attendance, as well as the final floor plan. Tickets are already available for sale so if you don’t have yours yet, get on it!

Armored Warfare

We got Richie to take a look at Armored Warfare not so long ago, but it was announced this week that Obsidian Entertainment will no longer be working with the project. My.Com, the other company involved in the game’s development, has taken over total control and will be doing all the work going forward.

There’s plenty of news items around on the split, and rumours suggesting a less than amicable break-up, but it’ll be worth seeing how the game changes (or not) going forward.

New Hegemony III DLC

Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients is a great ‘Lite’ Wargame that focuses on the concept of supply and logistics. It featured in one of our ‘Impedimenta’ special articles last year, and well worth a look if you’ve played any of the previous games, or if you’re after a wargame with a difference. It’s not perfect, not by any means, but it has an interesting ebb and flow to it and can be quite challenging.

Developer Longbow Studios have finally released the game’s first DLC expansion – The Eagle King. Focusing on the campaigns of Pyrrhus, it adds the island of Sicily to the map, as well as new factions, mechanics, and an improved Naval offering. We’ll try and get a full article up on this as soon as we can.

Hearts of Iron IV Update 1.3.3.

Unlike Paradox’s other titles, information on what’s going on with Hearts of Iron IV in 2017 has been sparser. One only needs to look at the Index of their dev diaries for the grand-strategy wargame to see that since January, they’ve only really talked about bug fixes and modding.

This is fine – it’s not like HoI4 doesn’t have problems that need addressing and a healthy mod community will keep the game ticking over in the interim at least. It would be nice however to get some insight as to what new features or grand-plans are coming too. Together for Victory had a bit of a mixed reception in some circles so it’s important not to go quiet.

The past two updates though at least have a little meat to them and cover the changes coming in Patch 1.3.3. In Part 1, they talk about upcoming changes to Industry and World Tension, while Part 2 talks about a lot of Quality of Life improvements and how they’re improving the AI.

You can also read the rather meaty patch notes for the BETA version of this update here.

End of an Era

You will remember last year that the partnership between Games Workshop and boardgame creators Fantasy Flight Games was ended when the 40K creator withdrew the license. This has caused the premature cancellation of LCG games like Conquest, as well as discontinuations of board war/strategy games like Forbidden Stars, and their other GW licensed products.

According to Beasts of War, the deadline for ordering any FFG products connected to GW properties is February 28th, so if you’ve yet to pick something up that’s about to disappear forever, we suggest you do so ASAP.

That’s all for this week’s update. Just as an FYI I will be on holiday next week – we have a new person who’s started and will be covering for me while I’m away, although he’s got a list of things to take care of so he may not be able to get to doing the news next week.

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