Order of Battle: Red Storm Announced

The third expansion pack in the current trilogy of Order of Battle add-ons that follows the war from the Soviet Union’s perspective has been announced. Order of Battle: Red Storm will release later this year, and covers events from Operation Citadel in 1943 through to 1945.

There are also optional scenarios that involve partisan warfare, which can help with Operation Bagration, and after the Fall of Berlin the final scenarios deal with the last major Soviet offensive in WW2 when they invaded Manchuria and fought the Japanese.

No news on a release date, sadly, but knowing Slitherine it’ll probably be soon. The beta is due to start soon though and you sign up for that here.

While we wait, don’t forget to read our reviews of the past two entries in this series – Order of Battle: Red Star & Order of Battle: Red Steel.

We’ll bring you more information as it comes in.