Order of Battle: Red Storm Out Today

The ‘Red’ trilogy of expansions for Order of Battle have been running since Red Star released in September 2019. This was then followed by Red Steel in April 2020, and now the final part – Order of Battle: Red Storm – will be releasing later today, this mini-series brought in the Soviet perspective for the first time, from their early skirmishes in the Far East, through to the conquest of Berlin in 1945.

Red Storm picks up where the last game left off in 1943 and goes right through to 1945 featuring 15 new scenarios. The campaign begins with the massive tank battle near Prokhorovka during Operation Citadel and ends in Germany 1945 and the Battle of Berlin.

There are also some optional scenarios that cover the partisan warfare in Belyorussia, as well as scenarios like the Kerch-Eltigen landings and the liberation of Crimea. After the fall of Berlin, you can also take your core forces back out east to participate in the Manchurian offensive against the Japanse – the Red Army’s last major action in WW2.

There will also be many new units for the Soviet, German and Hungarian factions. The ‘other’ Joe is on the case in terms of our review, so we’ll get that to you as soon as we can.

There’s currently no official price information, but the previous expansions are available for £10.39 via the Matrix Store, so we expect this to be similar. If you’ve yet to get any of these expansions, Matrix is also selling a ‘Soviet Pack‘ bundle at 20%, which contains all three expansions.


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