Pick up Battle Academy & Battle Academy 2 for peanuts

Fanatical must be really trying to drive the business at the moment. No sooner did we report on an interesting Matrix Wargames bundle, another one has appeared from the bocage.

For the price of a ‘bit much for what it is’ sandwich (£3.59) you not only get Battle Academy 1 and its legions of DLC, but you also get Battle Academy 2 and the Battle for Kursk add-on. If for some reason you only wanted the first game, you only need to pay £1.39.

Even the Steam Summer Sale, as good as that tends to get, is selling BA2 alone for £7.49. I believe the scientific terms for this sales event is “a steal”.

Battle Academy and Battle Academy 2 are considered to be fine examples of WW2 turn-based tactical wargaming. The first game was released (under the name ‘Battlefield Academy‘, but they got into hot water with EA on that one) way back in 2010 and its sequel was released I 2014.

Coverage on Wargamer has been a bit spotty across the various releases and DLCS, although you can read our review of Battle Academy 2 if you want to find out what we thought.

Let us know if you end up picking it up – we know the Colonel already has!


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