The new Rule the Waves 2 patch will let you rule those waves on more than one screen

A new patch has been released for everyone’s favourite naval wargame, Rule the Waves 2. Patch 1.23 is another smaller release (although, if you’re keeping score, larger than Patch 1.22) that is focused on bug-fixing as opposed to developing out features.

This is the ninth patch released for the game this year, however the cadence of updates has slowed a bit since the first half of 2020. This is the first new release since the previous two dropped in June.

Highlights from the newest patch include fixes for better multi-monitor support (I do miss having more than one screen) and a fix that will stop enemy submarines from attacking mothballed ships, so your precious stasis fleets can be kept in storage to fight another day.

The full change-log is as follows:

  • Fixed the seemingly random variations of aircraft ASW values.
  • Fixed varying aircraft weights in rebuilds of carriers with more than 50 a/c.
  • Fixed an error message that could appear in raider battles.
  • Fixed a bug with aircraft types of the same name being confused.
  • Destroyed turrets will now not generate back in action messages.
  • Mothballed ships will never be torpedoed by enemy submarines.
  • Fixed (hopefully) a problem with the design screen not appearing on multiple monitor setups.
  • Fixed a problem with aircraft running out of fuel if they couldn’t take off due to bad weather.

Are you still playing Rule the Waves 2? Enjoying it? Let us know in the comments!


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