Sho’t At Greatness – IDF wins Wargame DLC vote

The votes are in. Brexit? No, we only deal in the big issues at Wargamer. After 16,369 ballots were cast in Eugen Systems’ democratic call for the next Wargame: Red Dragon faction, Israel’s mighty military rose to the top with an astounding 28.7% of the vote. Coming in second and third were Yugoslavia and Finland, scooping 13.0% and 10.5% respectively. 

Israel will bring their well-oiled and battle-hardened Merkava tank range, as well as the Achzarit APC, Kfir fighter and Makmat 160mm mobile mortar. Seasoned infantry will undoubtedly be in tow.

Eugen Systems did take note of the other two factions, and in order to balance out an inundation of NATO countries, a combined DLC pack will follow the IDF faction pack. Yugoslavia and Finland will arrive for the Warsaw Pact later in the year, padding Red out rather nicely. 

The free 10 versus 10 map we reported on last week is still in the works, along with a clutch of new updates. Beyond that, there’s little left to do but wonder what it’ll take to get my SADF units off the proverbial kaplyn and into Red Dragon. Next poll, do me a solid, would you?


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