SLR & Greens – Steam Summer Sale Day #2

Day #2 – Vietnam ’65

Computer games haven’t been as kind or inspired to Vietnam as their tabletop cousins. From cliché-ridden shooters to markedly inept RTS titles, the living-room war finally received a nuanced look in Johan Nagel‘s mighty fine Vietnam ’65. Come along, jump that slick. We’re taking the fight to Uncle Ho and making friends along the way.

Vietnam ’65 is Every Single Soldier‘s elegant COIN interpretation of that infamous theatre. It might look like a conventional operational wargame, but every action and engagement is measured in and by political willpower. Every battle reverberates up the Ia Drang; location and combat outcome with the Viet Cong and NVA opponents throttled by a need to placate both the local population and Washington. Moreover, it’s a game that deftly portrays the helicopter as a crucial component in both supply, pacification and warfighting in brutal terrain. If you don’t have a swarm of Hueys and Angry Chooks up and down the Ho Chi Minh trail, you’re doing it wrong. 

If you’re looking for a detailed, gritty and grimy combat game, Vietnam ’65 is not it. If you’re looking for a lithe counter-insurgency sim, where the might of the American military can’t quite get a bead on a liquid enemy, Every Single Soldier has you covered. While we wait for Afghanistan ’11 and ESS’s enticing South African border war game thereafter, Vietnam ’65 is a great way to develop that five thousand yard stare. 

Vietnam ’65 / -50%


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