War In The East-East – Steam Summer Sale Day #6

Day #6 – Wargame: Red Dragon

Ever wanted to know how a clutch of AMX-13 T75s would fare against a column of T-55s? How fast Ghurka infantry can be dislodged by East German spec-ops? How useless M60A2 Starships really are? For the cost of a PROM-1, you can find out.

What makes the Wargame series so special, particularly in the RTS sphere, is its slower pace and relative disregard of hard counters. Having fallen out of love with the traditional economy-based RTS and its inherent rigours — the build orders and definitive answers, the sheer science and math of the encounter — when Wargame: European Escalation hit six-odd years ago, it was a breath of JP-8-scented fresh air. Wargame, more than any other series in the genre, depicts a messy conflict. It paints a picture of odd match-ups and peculiar triumphs; the reality of firepower inequity and combat asymmetry. A spectrum of military materiel so broad, it thrills as much as it boggles.

Red Dragon is the logical conclusion of the series, though an entry still being lavished with updates and DLC. While the pure naval elements might not be much to write home about, the game’s land-based flashpoints are Wargame’s strategic apogee. Rolling elevation and varied terrain, amphibious possibilities, naval platforms put to much better use in coastal support roles, greater air balance and the big Asian militaries joining the established European factions; there’s negligible reason not to jump straight to the third outing of this Cold War-era classic. 

Beyond the deep simulations of Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations and Combat Mission: Black Sea, Wargame: Red Dragon is a fluid and accessible offering to those wanting something a little different in their RTS diet. Plus, it’ll be the only place where A-10s can BRRRRRRRR unfettered, without threat of retirement by oversight. Worth the price of admission alone.

Wargame Trilogy / -70% 


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