Steel Division II is Out Now

So, after more than a few delays and rather generous beta period, Steel Division 2 is finally available to purchase and play. In case you’ve been off fighting in an actual war or sleeping under a Panther tank for the past few months, Steel Division 2 is the follow up to 2017’s Steel Division: Normandy ’44, a pretty intense real-time tactical/operational wargame set in the initial phases of Operation Overlord.

While we personally still rate it as an excellent game, it struggled to retain momentum and so the developers swiftly moved on to a sequel. Steel Division 2 is set on the Eastern Front during Operation Bagration, which took place a few weeks after Operation Overlord kicked in. It has the usual components of a Eugen wargame as far as multiplayer and offline skirmish is concerned, but for the single player they really ramped things up to ’11’ with a new ‘Army General’ mode.

It’s a single-player experience unlike Eugen have ever done before. Not even in Red Dragon, which was an excellent evolution of the system that had been developing as part of their Wargame series. We won’t spoil too much, but Ian’s hard at work on our review and early reports from him are extremely favourable about Army General.

Multiplayer, which we’ve chronicled through Charles’ regular updates during the beta, seems to be less ground-breaking. The new ranges and setting have evolved the meta from the first game, and you’re just as likely to have a fantastic time as a terrible one – the risks of online play.

For now, enjoy the launch trailer, and we’ll try and get you our full review ASAP next week.


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