Starni Games are at it again – Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom announced

In a genre as niche as wargames, any announcement is a good announcement although I sometimes wonder if Starni Games don’t stretch that concept somewhat. To be fair, it’s not entirely proper to be unduly grumpy about a studio, but considering how much we disliked Panzer Strategy and Strategic Mind: The Pacific, it’s hard to muster enthusiasm at this juncture.

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg has better Steam reviews than its predecessors, mind. May 2020 was a bit of a bad time for us so it slipped through the cracks in terms of doing a review, so maybe that’s a gap we can fill in the interim.

Anyway, we’re getting off track. Not so long ago we found out that Starni Games’ next entry in their flagship series was going to be Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism. This will essentially portray their specific blend of Panzer General-esque turn-based action from the point of view of the Soviet Union. Seems they’re not content to leave it there though as we found out today that they’re working on another game beyond.

Say hello to Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom. The trailer doesn’t reveal anything:

Even the Steam page is a little vague – this seems to be essentially another WW2 turn-based strategy game, probably similar to Blitzkrieg and the upcoming Spectre of Communism, but this time from the Allied perspective. Specifically it will feature a historical-based British campaign, and then a US campaign which will start with the historical victory of Germany, and then spread to some very alt-history territory where you take the fight to the communists. It will feature North Africa and European theatres.

We’re not sure how much this will differ from previous games in terms of features (outside the new campaign content). To their credit, Starni has been sort-of open about this stuff in the past, but that was with Blitzkrieg.

Spectre of Communism is due out later this year (Q4), but Fight for Freedom isn’t slated until Q2 2021.

What do you think of the Strategic Mind games? Are you interested in this new one? Let us know!


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