Too Soon? CMANO Live Tackles Brexit in Next Scenario

Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Barely a week has past since WarfareSims and Matrix launched their Command Live DLC program, and already they’re looking towards their next release.

The first scenario – Old Grudges Never Die – looked at rising tensions between Russia and Turkey in the wake of an incident that happened last year.

The next scenario, due “soon”, tackles the potential fallout from Britain’s vote to leave the European Union just over a month ago and is titled “You Brexit, you fix it!“. In their own words:

What if the Brexit heralds the beginning of an escalation of events, creating a powder keg situation in Europe?

How would NATO and the EU act in such a situation, where timing and close cooperation are everything?

You can read a more comprehensive briefing on the official product page. It’s suitably apocalyptic in how things just go from bad, to worse. And they call this scenario “not so unlikely”.

Thanks for that, Boris.


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