Unity of Command 2: Blitzkrieg DLC announced

The developers of the excellent ww2 strategy game Unity of Command 2 have announced their first premium DLC for the game since it launched in November 2019. Blitzkrieg, which is a scenario pack focusing on the Wehrmacht in the early-war years, will release in early November, almost a year after the base game.

The new expansion will feature a 13-scenario campaign that begins with the 1939 invasion of Poland and ends with the airborne assault on Crete in May 1941. There will also be some goof ol’ fashioned alt-history scenarios as well, such as everyone’s favourite and Totally Doable(™) Operation Sealion.

There will also be over 50+ new unit types, not just for the Wehrmacht, but also for the militaries of nations such as Poland, France, Norway, Sweden, and Greece, to name but a few.

There are also new mechanics – forts will be introduced to simulate the Maginot line, and there will be new capabilities for German HQs to make them more mobile. There will also be new specialist units as well as new theatre assets covering air support and flying artillery.

Given that the base game of Unity of Command 2 focuses solely on the allies, it comes as no surprise that the first DLC will give us a turn playing as ze Germans. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how the new fort and HQ mechanics play out in the game.

Unity of Command 2: Blitzkrieg is expected to land in “early” November, and will cost $9.99 USD.


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