Until the Last Plane will be landing in March

We’ve been keeping tabs on Until the Last Plane since it popped on our radar last year. It’s a management/simulation game where you have to run an air base during WW2, keeping your planes maintained and sending them on missions.

The focus will be on recruiting pilots and ensuring you have the right parts you need to keep your planes in the air, but there is some interaction with the tactical mission segment, allowing you to tailor plans for each mission.

This is an abstract game, so it’s not based on any single part of the conflict, but there will be campaigns for the USA, USSR and Germany for you to play through and complete. Each nation gets three different campaigns as well, along with six types of plane each, and plenty of decision-based events to give you some replayability.

We love indie projects like this, as they always do a good job of taking core concepts and boiling them down to key abstractions, creating simplistic but highly addictive games. It won’t scratch the itch for someone looking for a more realistic or gritty simulation of WW2 aerial logistics, but will be a great lighter game to pass the time while we wait for some of the big hitters to arrive later in the year.

Until the Last Plane will be released on PC via Steam on March 4, 2021.


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