Wargamer Weekly: App Edition

We’re starting to catch up on some of the backlog of games that has been milling around, and Naval Battle Simulator‘s Early Access build is the latest game to catch our critical eye. We’ve also struck up a new partnership with GMT Games regarding review copies, of which Joe’s Imperial Struggle review is the first game to get reviewed as part of that. 

I’m also having a blast going through the Wargamer.com content archives… the really old stuff isn’t salvageable but Martynas’ feature on WinSPMBT from a couple of years ago caught my eye, and I figured why not give it a second lease of life.

Don’t forget that Avalon Digital’s Winter War is now out of Early Access. I’ve been caught out a bit by these before – we accidentally reviewed one of Lock’n Load’s recent releases even though it was an EA game because Mr. Heath forget to tell me it was going into EA when he handed us over the code. Bill’s working on a full review of Winter War as we speak, but his beta impressions were reposted yesterday.

Meanwhile, in the world of war games…

More Second Front Videos

The Second Front devs continue to knock it out of the park with the pre-release media. We know the art style is proving controversial for some, but the quality of the game itself is shaping up real nicely.

The latest batch of videos include a playthrough of a scenario called ‘Outpost’, but also videos on how the scenario and the map itself was created:

Digital Wargamer Issue 2 Released

You may remember us telling you that Wargamer.com pal Lance, of Yobowargames, recently launched his own digital magazine looking into the world of computer war games – The Digital Wargamer.

Issue 2 is now available, and has interviews with some Youtubers like Agrippa, as well as behind the scenes look at in-development games. Some of these even I haven’t seen yet, so good on Lance for seeking out these indie projects.

Battlefront release patches for a range of titles

Battlefront have released a series of updates for six of their Combat Mission titles, including the relatively recent Shock Force 2. There’s not a lot of detail given has it varies between game, but here’s the note in full:

  • Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
  • Combat Mission: Black Sea
  • Combat Mission: Shock Force 2
  • Combat Mission: Fortress Italy
  • Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg

The patch for Red Thunder will come out with the release of the Fire and Rubble module.

The fixes for each game vary. Most are minor bug fixes and TO&E fixes. The one fix that they share is that infantry is less likely to leave good cover when under fire. Infantry will not rout toward known enemy units.

Indie Spotlight: Operation Citadel

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a full-spectrum war game and an indie project by 21-year old Valentin Lièvre, who got in touch with us recently to talk about his game. It’s a hex-based 2D affair, and to be honest we’re not 100% sure what it’s meant to be in terms of style. Is it Order of Battle, but bigger? Strategic Command, but without any economic or political factors?

It’s an early access title so it’s very rough and ready, but the thing that interested us the most was not the game itself, but how the game possesses a number of pretty neat tools. It’s got a pretty extensive built in unit and tile editor that will essentially let you turn the game into whatever you want, covering whatever era. It comes with over 450 existing units and some smaller campaigns, but you can use the tools to create whatever kind of game you want, which is pretty interesting. Check out its steam page if you want to know more.

Warhammer 40K is getting an App

Games Workshop are embracing the modern era and releasing a shiny new mobile app to go with their shiny new 9th Edition of Warhammer 40K (which we think drops officially at the end of the month).

The App offers a Free and a Subscription version, with the breakdown as follows:

You’ll need to sign up to something called ‘MyWarhammer’ first, which is what you’ll use to login to the app when it’s released. The subscription plan is £3.99 a month. We’re expecting the app to drop within the next couple of weeks and you can get more details here.

That’s all we have for you this week – enjoy!