Wargamer Weekly: Forward Lines

Unfortunately, this is another edition of the column that had to be written in advance (it’s currently Thursday evening), so apologies if you released any red-hot wargaming news today and it’s not made it into this week’s article. We’ll circle back to it when we can.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Matrix Games & Slitherine

It’s been another relatively quiet week for Matrix Games, with only two noteworthy announcements to share.

First up, AGEOD’s Wars of Succession has been considered worthy enough to get a Steam version made, which was released yesterday. Read Bill’s review to find out what we thought of it, and then if you don’t own it yet there’s currently a 25% discount running on the Steam store.

We also got a new announcement this week – 2016’s Tigers on the Hunt is getting its second piece of DLC, this time looking solely at the Normandy campaign. Six new battles across 2 Campaigns. You can find out more about the DLC here, and you can read our review of the base game here.

Heliborne Update

Granted, it’s not a wargame per-se, but there’s something oddly captivating about Heliborne‘s dedication to its subject matter. Marcello was rather taken with it, and after having taken it for a spin myself I can’t get enough of jumping into a transport helo and ferrying troops and supplies all over the place.


Logistics is a critical part of war that often gets ignored or abstracted, and it’s refreshing to play something that pushes that right to the forefront.

The game has just released its 0.96 update, which adds a new PvP map and some other small tweaks, as well as a special event. You can read the full change-log here.

New game Projects

Two new games have emerged from the depths this week:

Project Neptune seems to be a naval-simulation that wants to take on CMANO, although all we have to go on is a YouTube video, a Patreon page and the words: “Project Neptune is a community-driven, crowd-funded, run by a gaming fanatics venture to create a brand new Tactical Naval&Air Simulator worthy of the XXI century.”

We’ll let you know if anything else crops up.

Forward Line, on the other hand, has an actual Steam page you can look at. It’s more ‘strategy’ than wargame, and while it has a WW2 theme it’s not really rooted in any specific historical events. It boats the following features:

  • Medium weight two player strategy game.
  • No random elements. Forward Line is all skill and no luck.
  • WW2 theme.
  • Ruinous symmetrical warfare.
  • Single player against the AI.
  • Internet, LAN and Hotseat Multiplayer.

They’re looking for beta testers, so if you go to their General Discussions thread you can request a key and get involved.

That’s all for this week’s update, enjoy your weekends and happy gaming!


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