Wargamer Weekly: Generalis

There’s been a little bit more of a table-top focus than I originally planned this week – slightly unintentional, although to be fair there hasn’t been much else to talk about. Now that a new Hearts of Iron 4 expansion has dropped we’re enjoying a renewed period of interest, so look out for more features on the game post-1.9 going forward.

Next week we’ve got Panzer Corps 2 dropping, so expect our review ready and waiting come launch day. Embargo for coverage lifts tomorrow, but we wanted to take a bit more time to review the game properly. The header image is from LnL’s Victory and Glory ACW game.

Before we get into the rest of the column I must also apologise to Mark H. Walter of Tiny Battle Publishing and Flying Pig Games. He’s always tweeting news etc. at me and I by and large keep forgetting about it. Here’s the latest tweet he sent my way about something his company is working on. I’ll try and remember to cover more:

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Lock’n Load need Beta Testers

Lock’n Load’s digital output looks to be pretty healthy this year. Along with Lock’n Load Tactical Digital, they’re also working on a digital port of Victory and Glory: The American Civil War.

They’ve put out a call for beta testers on Facebook, if you want to get involved and help them out.

Invasion Machine Road Map

Invasion Machine, the tactical RTS that deals with a fictional counter-insurgency scenario inspired by the conflicts in the middle-east, finally released onto Steam Early Access at the end of February.

The developer has taken on board the initial wave of feedback, and written an update detailing where he’s going to be focusing his efforts in the short-term, and what other ideas he has for the game going forward.

New Game: Magna Generalis

Totem Games have finally taken a step back from 19th century Ironclad warfare and have turned their attention towards ancient times in their new project. Magna Generalis will initially focus on the naval engagements of the Punic Wars fought between Rome and Carthage, but may evolve to cover other theatres as well.

It will also lose a part of its ‘Simulation’ nature and instead be more of a pure turn-based strategy game. The only other game of note in this space is Mare Nostrvm by Matrix Games.

Second Front Lands on Steam

Sometimes there’s nothing to do but sit down and admire the scenery. Second Front‘s activation of their steam page may not be especially news-worthy (although, you should go wishlist the game if you’re excited), but it does give us another opportunity to marvel at new screenshots and a new trailer.

Still no news of a release date, though.

Last but not least, Fantasy General 2‘s Onslaught DLC was released yesterday. We were a bit slow to the mark with this one as the ‘other’ Joe is now away on business, but we should have a review for you dropping next week.

That’s all for today – enjoy your weekends!