Wargamer Weekly: Holding Fast

It has been a week of weeks, but I hope you’re all staying safe and staying sane. I imagine the recent releases of Steel Division 2‘s expansion and Panzer Corps 2 are helping with that, mind. The header image is from Matrix Games’ WarPlan.

There’s not been as much news this week, but I’ve written up what I could find. For some reason I have a note saying that HPS’ Marching Eagles: Waterloo has been updated, but I can’t for the life of me find any information about it, or where I got the information from. 

Meanwhile, in wargaming…

Strategic Command Space Mod

I don’t really play Strategic Command but the official Fury twitter account shared one with the world earlier in the week that almost makes me want to boot it up. If you still play Strategic Command WW2: War in Europe, then I suggest you check out Bellum Galaxia. It looks pretty cool.

Lock’n Load Publishing Release Dates

Over the past week or so we’ve learned a lot about the potential release schedule for Lock’n Load’s upcoming slate of digital ports. We suggest checking out the recently updated Upcoming Wargames 2020 list for what we found, but essentially the American Civil War game we spoke about last week is due out in April, but we think a rogue DLC listing suggest Lock’n Load Tactical will be out by the end of next week. Exciting!

Holdfast: Nations at War hit 1.0

We missed this earlier in the month, but Napoleonic-era action/multiplayer game Holdfast not only introduced the Russian Empire as a playable faction, but they’ve also officially hit their 1.0 milestone.

You can read more about all of the changes to the 1.0 update here.

WarPlan is coming to Steam

Nothing much to say here, other than if Steam was the reason you hadn’t bought into WarPlan, then today’s your lucky day. Or rather, March 26th will be your lucky day, when the steam version launches.

You should read our WarPlan review for more information about the game if you don’t know much about it. Suffice to say it’s competent, although its relevance in today’s wargaming market is a little questionable.

That’s all for this week – enjoy your weekends!