New upcoming JTS/WDS game will feature the largest map ever (updated)

Update Jan 8: This article has been amended to correct a misinterpretation of the original blog post. You can read more about the error here. Apologies for the confusion.

It’s been a long time coming, but those of you who were paying attention at the start of December would have been around for Matrix Game’s mega announcement event, which included official confirmation that Gary Grigsby’s War in the East 2 would be coming in 2021. Exciting times for those who want a new monster wargame, and there may be more to come as well from other corners of our hobby.

Wargame Design Studio will be known to those of you who enjoy John Tiller titles – the most recent we covered was Scheldt ’44 – as they’re an official partner of JTS themselves and have taken on numerous projects, from upgrading old JTS classics to creating their own new entries in iconic series.

Towards the end of 2020 they posted their usual end of year retrospective, talking about what they’d done and the challenges they’ve faced, but also looking forward to what’s to come. They officially announced a new eastern front wargame in the Panzer Campaigns series called Kiev ’43 (header image), but that wasn’t the most interesting bit of news from the blog post.

There are six Panzer Campaigns projects in the works currently, one of them being a game that not only will cover an area not covered in a PC game before, but one that will also feature the largest map ever created for the series. From the blog:

A new team member, Daniel Asensio is working in partnership with Cesar on a large Eastern Front title. Dani had done a huge amount of work before approaching the WDS team and is filling a nice gap in the Panzer Campaigns timeline. Mike Prucha and Dave Michas already had their next title mapped out before Scheldt ’44 was completed. Both are real dynamos, with Mike already having much of the order of battle done and David having completed the largest ever standalone Panzer Campaigns map. The map is over 851,000 hexes in size and for comparison, the previous biggest was Moscow ’42 at just under 244,000 hexes.

They also share this image to show the approximate size of the new map. They’ve used various eastern front PC titles to show how they’d fit into the new map, although we understand this isn’t specifically a game set on WW2’s eastern front:

We’ve been in touch with WDS to find out more, and they’ve mentioned that one of the benefits of this new large map is that it can be used to chop up and easily spin-off maps for future titles, across a range of eras or series. Could this give War in the East 2 a run for its money? It’s worth noting this new WDS project is ‘monster’ in size only – the studio doesn’t tend to offer the same kind of mechanical depth as a Gary Grigsby title would, but we’re excited to find out more.

We also recommend you read the rest of the blog to read up on what else the team is working on – lots of interesting projects coming down the pipe it seems!


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