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Lots of news and interesting happenings to catch-up on this week – apologise if the actual day-to-day content has been a bit lack-lustre, I’ve been consumed with a complex hiring process that’s thankfully now finished so not only should things be returning to normal, in a couple of weeks you may even see an extra regular face assisting me! There’s going to be a rotation of new people as they do mini-placements across all of the sites, with a permanent placement happening in time for the start of next year.

If you’re a fan of Hearts of Iron 4 (or even just ‘what-if?’ alt-history), you should definitely read Timothy’s deep-dive into The New Order mod. Excellent work, and a great mod to boot. We’re also going to try and seriously start looking at Warhammer 40K 9th edition a lot more, as well as other table-top stuff. We published an initial summary of the new changes here and expect to see more content in this area in September,

Also, according to one Redditor, I am now well-known for my “general immaturity and lack of professionalism.” Which I find rather amusing.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames…

Grand Tactician Launches into Early Access

The big news of the week is of course the long-anticipated release of Grand Tactician into Steam Early Access, which is happening today. If you wanted to get an idea for some initial thoughts, Colonel Bill did a write-up for us earlier in the week, and long-standing Wargamer writer Ian B also wrote up some impressions for our sister website PCGamesN.

It costs 39,99 (EUR/USD), which is 10% less than the planned final release price of 44,90 EUR/USD. The game has also already been wishlisted by over 20,000 people. Some things worth mentioning from our initial coverage – AI seems to be a bit weak at the moment, and generally thought casualty rates, especially in the historical battles where we know exactly what happened, were a bit too high.

Other than that though, there’s a brand new trailer you can enjoy:

Panzer Corps 2 Axis Operations 1939

The second pack in the initial wave of DLC for Panzer Corps 2 is now available for anyone who owns the Field Marshal Edition. The ‘Axis Operations – 1939‘ DLC covers everything from the German annexation of Czechoslovakia, as well as the failed French Saar Offensive that same year along with the more commonly known operations in Poland.

Everyone else will be able to purchase the DLC when it releases on August 27th, next week.

Heliborne gets new ‘Enhanced Edition’ content & release

We first reviewed Heliborne back in late 2017. It was enjoyable and a rare dedicated attempt at simulating helicopter combat through-out different eras where you could square off against bots and fellow humans. It had some issues it needed to work out but from my perspective I was also worried that it wouldn’t retain enough players to survive. Thankfully it seems I’ve been proven wrong, as three years later the game has now been re-released with a new Enhanced Edition that includes new content, but also all of the existing DLC that has been released to the game to date for free.

New stuff includes new machines, a new game engine, day & night maps physics and a new multiplayer experience. The entire package now costs 29.99 EUR/USD, and all existing owners of the game will get upgraded for free. Marcello’s taken the new edition for a quick spin and overall he’s not been that impressed so far – there are also performance issues which will need to be ironed out so things may need to settle a bit first.

Philippe Thibaut & the Winter War devs making a new game – Afrika Corps

The legendary wargame designer Philippe Thibaut is back with another new game titled Afrika Korps, which will be published by Avalon Digital. I found out about this game because Phillippe posted in a Facebook group I was part of, but the actual announcement video was pulled from YouTube for violating ‘Hate Speech’ policies, which is something that’s becoming increasingly common with WW2-era material. You can however view the trailer via this direct link.

There is also an entry for the game on Avalon Digital’s official website, which cites a release date of September 28th, 2020. This is consistent with the ‘Fall 2020’ info from the trailer. It’s being made by the same team that made Winter War – Strategy Game Studio – so this should be good.

Task Force Admiral Air Combat Showcase

Task Force Admiral is unlikely to be out until next year, but they’ve been good at putting out regular development updates to let us know how things are going on. There was one from last week that we missed that you should read here, which also featured some new gameplay footage of some air combat tactics.

Armoured Commander 2 6.0 Update

A new major title update has been released for WW2 rogue-like Armoured Commander 2. This is a pretty extensive revision on the previous version, with plenty of new content, additions and changes. The enemy AI especially has been overhauled, and there are now new campaign options, new units, new skills and more!

There’s a lot to unpack, so we recommend checking out the full patch notes here or on Steam.

And now for something completely different…

Transformers are coming to… World of Warships?

That’s all we’ve got for you this week – enjoy your weekends!


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