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Well, this week certainly hasn’t turned out as expected. We had hoped to run a bunch of content around Combat Mission: Shock Force 2‘s steam release, but as we reported on earlier in the week it’s been pushed back till next Tuesday. Oh well, is it really a Combat Mission release if there isn’t a delay?

Along with CMSF2 our review of the recently released Panzer Corps 2 1939 DLC will also be going up: Bill is fighting his way across Europe as we speak. Things have been kind of slow around here lately but we’re hoping to pick that up a bit. I’ve got a smattering of new war board game content coming in, including more Warhammer 40K 9th Edition. Other than that, we’ve got a Combat Mission series feature on the horizon, and Jack has offered to fall on his sword and review Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg for us. I’m hoping to have more things in the works as well.

In terms of this week though, there’s really not much more news to write up than what we’ve already done. Some dev diaries we may have missed, perhaps, but below represent the two main things that caught our eye. If there’s anything else that’s happened recently you think deserves some attention, please do post in the comments below.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames…

Steel Division 2 ‘Nemesis’ DLC Voting has begun

You may remember a while ago we reported that Eugen were going to be doing a run of ‘micro’ DLCs for Steel Division 2 called ‘Nemesis’ – smaller packs that essentially focus around an historical engagement between two Divisions. As long as the engagement or battle happened in 1944, it’s up for consideration no matter what theatre of operation it existed in.

The first ‘Nemesis’ release will be free: Nemesis: Battle of Sandomierz Bridgehead will contain the 16. Panzerdivision versus the 97th Guards Rifle Division. Future DLCs in this line will be paid for, but the community get to vote on which ones get made.

The first round of voting has begun for the second Nemesis pack. The choices are:

  • Nemesis: Lvov Offensive – pitting the German’s 20. Panzergrenadier-Division against the Soveit’s 10th Guards Tank Corps
  • Nemesis: Slovak Uprising – will feature a new nation (Czechoslovakia) and theirlovak National Uprising against the German Panzerdivision Tatra.
  • Nemesis: Siege of Vilnius – this will pit the Luftwaffe-commanded Festung Wilna against a mixed Polish/Soviet battlegroup known as Ostra Brama.

Voting is open now and will run until midday on September 2nd, next week. You can use this form to vote, but you need a valid Eugnet email address (this will be the one you use to login to SD2). Personally I’d like to see the Czech one win, I’ve always found the Eastern Front a bit bland for my tastes.

Quartermaster General WW2 Expansion

The original Quartermaster General game was re-released earlier this year in a second edition, titled Quartermaster General WW2. We’ve just learned that Ares have now also re-released the 1st Edition Air Marshal & Alternate Histories expansion into a new single box – Quartermaster General WW2: Total War.

There was a third expansion released for the original version – Preludes. This introduced a new ‘pre-game’ phase that could lead to different starting conditions than what the base game set-up allowed for, which helped to keep things interesting. We spoke to designer Ian Brody directly and he says that expansion is going to be re-released later, but that no changes are going to be made. Apparently when it was originally released Second Edition was already a thing and so was designed to be compatible from the start.

That’s all from us this week – enjoy your weekends!


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