Wargamer Weekly: Bits & Bobs

There’s been a lot going on in the world of wargaming these past few weeks, so much so that it’s not made much sense to do our regular Friday updates recently. Now though, things are starting to settle down, and there’s a few odds and ends piling up that I thought I’d take a while to go over.

We’ve been looking a lot more at tabletop stuff recently – mainly in the absence of things in the digital realm – but also because various assignments just happened to come in all at once. Joe’s wife very kindly submitted a spin on the ‘Gift Guide’, which has proven popular, and we also had a review of Victoria Cross II go up as well. The big blow out from Matrix Games at the end of last week is still fresh in everyone’s memories as well. As our update to the 2020 Wargames guide shows, 2021 is already shaping up to be a mega year.

Coming up we’ve got some early previews of a few games coming in, but the rest of major contributions are being saved for our retrospective period between Christmas and New Year. Come January, I’ll also be talking more about the plans for Wargamer’s relaunch, and introducing you to the new team. Header image is from Steel Division 2.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

ICBM Nuclear Winter Map

ICBM has received a special ‘holiday’ themed map variant, which replaces the usual factions with four festively-themed entities, such as the Empire of the Penguins or the Free Land of Rebel Elves. Other than new political divisions (which divide up the map in different ways), the game largely plays out the same although both the North and South Pole land areas have been included as ‘playable’ spaces, where they were empty in the vanilla mode.

It’s a free update available right now, so might be a fun distraction for the holiday season.

Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal gets DLC

One of the fresher entries to the WW2 naval wargame space in recent years, Carrier Battles has received its first piece of DLC. Called ‘Seaplanes‘ it, er, adds seaplanes. The feature list is quite lean and specific, but then it’s only a few dollars in price:

  • New option to manage your seaplanes
  • See and access seaplane bases
  • Click on any ship carrying seaplanes to enter Air Op with a zoom on current TF
  • Launch Search and CAP missions
  • Create seaplane base with tenders TF located in a seaplane spot hex
  • You are also allowed to observe and attack enemy seaplane bases by air and by sea

There was also the free 1.3 update, which you can read more about here.

More Second Front Screenshots

Because apparently y’all can’t get enough of these:

Burden of Command Campaign Glimpse

The devs behind Burden of Command posted a sneak peak at one of their campaign scenarios recently, via twitter:

Steel Division 2 catch up

There hasn’t been anything official from Steel Division 2 in a while, but the game is still being actively worked on and plenty of announcements go out via their Steam page news hub. You may remember one of the last major announcements they made was the announcement of a new type of DLC, called ‘Nemesis’ DLC.

In short, these would be small ‘micro’ expansions that would focus on a key battle or engagement between two divisions. The first one, for example, covered the Battle of Sandomierz Bridgehead in mid August 1944 and saw the USSR 97th Guards Rifle Division facing off against the German 16. Panzerdivision.

That first one is available for free, but the rest will be available for a price. The second one, released in mid November, covers the Lvov-Sandomierz operation in the Summer of 1944. The third confirmed Nemesis DLC will be the Battle of Rimini during September 1944 (part of Operation Olive), and voting has just concluded on what the fourth Nemesis DLC will be.

Bringing Steel Division 2 to the western front for the first time, the fourth mini-expansion will cover the early battles for the port of Toulon during Operation Dragoon.

It’s nice to see the game expand beyond the confines of the eastern front, rich though it is as a theatre of operations. That fact that this new expansion is covering an ill-covered part of the western front as well is also good – too many areas of WW2 get glossed over.

JTS Winter Sale

Last but not least, JTS has just announced their 2020 Winter Sale. From now until December 31, every game older than 12 months will be discounted to a fixed price of $29.95. It’s been a bit of a slower year for the indie wargames house, so the only titles not actually included in this are Serbia ’14 and Scheldt ’44. You can check the sale out here.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week – enjoy your weekends!


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