Wargamer Weekly: 2020 send off

This will be last Wargamer Weekly update of the year. We’ve got some retrospective features planned for the holiday period and they’ll probably be some token news or refresh articles (plus season’s greetings) but other than that we’re taking some time to relax until we return in the new year.

I’m not sure how much wargaming I’ll be able to get done over the holidays myself – I really want to get stuck into Shadow Empire again, especially now that it’s on Steam, but there’s a large list of games in my backlog that I need to try and tackle. What are you planning on playing over the holiday period? The header image is from the new Order of Battle expansion, discussed below.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

New Order of Battle expansion

It seems The Artistocrats are sticking to their guns and giving the people more of what they want, that is to say, a new Order of Battle expansion has been announced. Allies Defiant is the first in a new trilogy that will depict the events of WW2 from the allied perspective. This initial chapter will cover mainly British operations across Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean between 1940 and 1942.

We’ve already had a taste of allied scenarios before this of course – the original run of Order of Battle content dealt with the US Pacific campaign, and we’ve also had an expansion dedicated to British operations in Burma/the far east as well. Maybe a part of me was holding out for an Order of Battle 2, but I guess we already have Panzer Corps 2 so no need to completely double up on things.

The new expansion is due out on January 28th, 2021 but this isn’t the only bit of news Artistocrats have, however…

Slitherine Starship Troopers game delayed

I’d been wondering what had happened to this project, as there really hasn’t been anything official on it since it was announced in December last year. It seems we’re not really going to hear anything this year either, as due to difficulties brought on by the pandemic, the developers have decided to push the planned release window for this into next year instead.

But hey, more Order of Battle!

Grand Tactician patch

Everyone’s new favourite American Civil War game received another big patch this past week. A new battle map called New Market has been added, as well as a new tutorial video.

There’s also been a whole host of new fixes applied to the campaign layer, from more realistic supply situations for forts under siege, to some balancing to recruitment. You can check out the full patch notes here.

Carrier Command 2 coming from MicroProse

MicroProse flexed their muscles again this week with another new announcement. The next franchise they’re bringing back from the dead will be 80s RTS/Sim Carrier Command. The sequel looks to be bringing back the same iconic gameplay, from automated land, sea and aircraft, to the fact that you’re fighting over a chain of islands with another carrier because… reasons?

Concepts such as gathering intel, maintaining supply lines, and also making sure you pair your units effectively for combined arms warfare will also be important. You’ll be able to take direct control of any vehicle you want.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time someone has tried to bring back Carrier Command, mind. Bohemia made a valiant effort back in 2014 with Carrier Command: Gaea Missionbut it was a bit ropey.

Last but not least, Burden of Command posted another micro dev-diary via Twitter.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week and for the rest of the year – we’ll see you on the other side!


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