Wargamer Weekly: Nemesis

Another slow-ish week in wargames, although we made up for it by looking into some projects that had fallen by the wayside recently. Avalon Digital’s Winter War finally released from Early Access, so Bill was on hand to follow up with a full review and we took a look at the Kards expansion as well. It’s a little different, but I enjoyed it when I was playing.

I’ve also been doing alot more news-writing during the week as well, a consequence of which is that this week’s round-up is a bit on the leaner side. The header image is from Second Front, for no other reason than they released a new screen this week.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames…

Steel Division 2 Nemesis Divisions

Eugen have put out a post today detailing the future of Steel Division 2 DLC, or at least part of it. The upcoming Black Sunday DLC is the last of the initial ‘History Pack’ expansions the team had planned, but now they’ve come up with an idea for a new line of ‘micro’ DLCs to try and address player requests for more divisions/units.

This dev diary goes into more details, but essentially they’re going to try and release packs of Two divisions, one for each side, who would have historically (or, nearly at least) have fought each other in World War 2, and theme the DLC around these clashes. This will allow them to escape the confines of SD2’s 1944/Eastern Front setting but maintain consistency with the rest of the game.

The community will get to vote on which division pairs get made next, but the first ‘Nemesis’ DLC has already been decided – the 16. Panzerdivision and the 97th Guards Rifle Division will clash in the Battle of Sandomierz Bridgehead pack. This pack will be free and will be released sometime in September. All future Nemesis packs will be paid-for, and voting on which division pairs will start in August (there will be a choice of three).

Slitherine/Matrix Games

Two minor bits of news this week:

Tactical Troops: Anthracite Shift now has a release date of August 20th. This one of the indie games being funded by Slitherine’s ‘K-Project’ fund. Launch features are reported as:

It will feature 40+ single-player missions, 20+ multiplayer maps, dozens of weapons and gadgets, and a wide variety of enemies to face.

Secondly, Order of Battle has been updated and integrated into Slitherine’s tournament system, which is currently only used in Field of Glory 2 & Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach. They will be running a ‘beta’ tournament to test out the integration soon, and you can read more details here.

Lock’n Load invades Tabletopia

Lock’n Load Publishing have recently announced that they are bringing digital-versions of their games to Tabletopia. This is a rival service to Tabletop Simulator, so it is another instance where the game elements of a physical board-game are recreated in 3D, but the game does not run itself like a bespoke digital war game would.

Currently, they have ported over Starter Kits for Lock and Load Tactical, Nations at War and World at War ’85. Here’s a video from Lock’n Load talking about the move:

IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – TOBRUK Release Date

The latest release for the IL-2 series that takes the action to North Africa now has a release date. You can take to the skies above Tobruk on August 6th, 2020. Pre-orders open via the official store on July 30th offering those who pre-purchase a 15% discount. Remember this is an expansion to Wings of Dover, so you’ll need that to play.

Animal World War Kickstarter

Engaging in a spot of nepotism for a moment, a friend of the ‘other’ Joe let us know he’s launching a Kickstarter campaign today for a new table-top skirmish game called Animal World War. Set in an alternate universe where everyone is an animal, the Herbivores and the Carnivores are facing off against each other in a war to end all wars.

It’s focus is on squad-based combat for between 2 players, although it can accommodate up to 8 players and beyond, meaning you could have a 4v4 if you wanted. It uses tiles which double destructible terrain and there are 12 different soldier types you can employ. According to the write-up, you will always hit ‘something’ even if you miss your intended target, so the battlefields will shift and change around you as the battle progresses. The game also comes with a ‘legacy’ style campaign mode.

The Kickstarter asks for $59 AUD for a copy, although there are early-bird options available at the time of writing.

The animal-theme doesn’t’ really do it for me, but I like the idea of dynamically changing battlefields – most table-top war games don’t really take into account that munitions always tend to hit something, even if it isn’t the intended target, and there should always be some kind of consequence to that.

Last but not least; That official Warhammer 40K app we talked about last week has been released.

That’s all we have for you this week – enjoy your weekend!