Wargamer Weekly Perusal

We’re getting to the height of summer (or at least, it feels like it given how hot it is) which also seems to mean we’re reaching the lows of activity amongst the wider wargame community. It’s been a bit of a slow week, all told. Some interesting news bits in terms of a new Order of Battle expansion and Unity of Command 2 being cheap, but that’s about.

Now that I have freelance budget again, I’ve been enjoying paying people like Timothy to write about mods. His write-up on the End of a New Beginning HOI4 mod was especially enjoyable. Turns out it’s probably not the Victoria 3 we were looking for. Oh well. The world of table-top war gaming has provided the most interesting news this week, with new Star Wars miniatures and a strong financial result from Games Workshop.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away… 

Until the Last Plane Dev Diary 4

The developer of Until the Last Plane has released his fourth development diary, looking at what new mechanics and features have recently been added.

Fantasy General II has hit consoles

Released in September last year, Fantasy General 2 has had a very quiet time since release. It’s had some patches and a single expansion so far, but nothing much else. Now, nearly a year after release, this turn-based fantasy war game has been released on Xbox One & Playstation 4.

We don’t expect this to especially interest our audience here, but you never know. Hopefully this brings some extra revenue so we can see the game get fleshed out more as it heads into its second year.

Rule the Waves 2 Historical Legacy Fleets 2.0

A year since it was officially released, the creator of the Historical Legacy Fleets mod for RtW2 has released a V2.0. The key differences of this new version are:

  • New mod entirely made from scratch
  • More accurate historical ship roster
  • Complete Ship Pictures
  • Historical Aircraft
  • Historical Coastal Defenses
  • Historical Submarines
  • Re-balanced Budgets and Technology
  • 29 Complete Starts, all 1920 Nations
  • Options for Versailles and Washington Treaties
  • Alternate History Austria-Hungary Start, based off their 1917 Program

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can do so here.

Games Workshop Sitting Pretty

Is it that time of year again already? Games Workshop have posted some financial data for the past year up to May 31st, 2020. In short, they’ve had their best year ever so far, and that’s even with COVID 19 messing up everyone’s business.

Our friends over at Bell of Lost Souls have already put together a pretty decent summary of the top-line news items. Tl;dr they’re in a really strong position, especially with the launch of 9th edition. You can get a more detailed report directly from their Investor press brief.

In other news, Games Workshop have announced a new wave of starter-sets that will replace the Indomitus box-set. Indomitus was always meant to be a limited-run, and these new sets will represent the new ‘official’ entry options for Warhammer 40K 9th Edition.

It comes in three flavours; Recruit, Elite & Command and each one offers enough to get you started in the game, but at different scales. Only the ‘Command’ edition actually nets you a hard-copy of the official rules.

Finally, that app they released for 9th Edition has had a bit of a rough start, but they’re already making improvements. Next week they will be updating the free version with search functionality for the Core Rules & FAQs, and they’ve got their existing future road-map as well.

New Star Wars Armada, Legion & X-Wing Products

You may have spotted this when we updated our ‘Board & Miniature Games 2020’ guide yesterday, but Fantasy Flight Games have recently made a lot of announcements for their various Star Wars miniature games. They’re generally trying to big up the Clone Wars at the moment, with the prequel era finally coming to Star Wars: Armada with new starter sets.

Star Wars: X-wing is getting new ships from across the various eras, where-as Legion is in full Clone Wars swing at the moment, and will be getting a couple of extra new packs on top of what’s already been announced.

You can get more information from their In-Flight Report, which we’ve posted below. The Miniatures news is between 3:30 and 17 minutes.

That’s all we have for you this week – enjoy your weekends!