Wargamer Weekly: Fuel the Machine

Nothing major’s really happened this week, but there has been a fair amount of little news bits that have surfaced. My own gaming endeavours have revolved around dabbling with Steam Sales recruits War of the Zombie and Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault or trying out my new table-top acquisition:

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Strategic Command Updated to Version 1.14

Nothing much else to say here – the most recent entry in the Strategic Command series has received a small patch. The steam build should have auto-updated by now, but if you’re on the standalone version you can download the patch here.


  • fixed a DECISION firing error that caused some events to fire in the wrong sequence during a surrender DECISION event.
  • fixed a reinforce or upgrade tool error that would sometimes reset the desired reinforce or upgrade highlight setting.
  • fixed a bug where air units were being re-assigned to more optimal supply HQs even though their current attachment was to an HQ set to Manual attachment mode.


  • MOBILIZATION_1 script entitled #NAME= USSR DoW On Persia (Syria->Axis) corrected to have the correct Country_ID and also for the name section of that and many other scripts to say “Allies DoW On…” rather than “USSR DoW On” (sPzAbt653).
  • SURRENDER_2 script entitled #NAME= AXIS AI: Germany Occupies Luxembourg (100%) removed (sPzAbt653).
  • UNIT scripts for De Lattre de Tassigny amended to Lattre de Tassigny to prevent duplication (Derikuk).

Tigers on the Hunt: Normandy Expansion

As is customary, the announced of Tigers on the Hunt: Normandy‘s existence was quickly followed by news of the release date. The second expansion for this interesting turn-based tactical WW2 game will be releasing on July 5th.

We may not have a review ready in time for release, but we’ll get one to you ASAP.

Hearts of Iron 4

The development diaries for Hearts of Iron 4 have resumed! They’re now finally going to start to talk through the features coming in both the recently announced Man the Guns update, and the ‘Ironclad’ 1.6 Patch, although we’ll be lucky if either of these are ready before the end of the year.

First up, the free feature ‘Fuel’ is under discussion. This was a feature In Hearts of Iron 3 that was thematic, but ultimately lacked any kind of bite too it as it was relatively easy to make-sure you had enough fuel for your needs.

Now the life-blood of the WW2 war machine is back. It’s created by having an excess of Oil (and Oil is no-longer going to be used in the production process), and you need to stockpile it so that you have enough to fuel your motorised army units, as well as your planes and your fleets (which guzzle up fuel while they’re out on missions).

There’s different facets to Fuel’s re-emergence, so we encourage you to check out the full diary for the info.

War of Rights

War of Rights has cropped up on our radar before. A successfully kickstarted multiplayer shooter set during the American Civil War, we haven’t really kept on top of it as a project since we first heard of its existence.

They’ve recently posted a rather lengthy blog post on their Kickstarter page detailing their ‘Update 100’ features (150 player servers!), as well as trying to deal with concerns over the next phase and the Steam release. They want to get some more features out in the short-term, but they’re hoping to release into Early Access by year’s end.

Free ArmA III Content

Bohemia are releasing some free goodies for owners of the ArmA 3: Jets DLC: a new ship, and four new static emplacements. These are all static objects that can be positioned via the scenario editor.

You can read more about the new assets as well as some words from the dev team in the official blog post.

And now for something completely different…

Stumbled across this project during the week. You can download a demo for what we’re guessing is a new game called ‘Op&Tac Normandy 44‘. Feature list is here, and there’s a demo download link on the same website. We haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but if you do take it for a spin let us know what it’s like.

That’s all for this week’s update, enjoy your weekends and happy wargaming!


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