Wargamer Weekly: Squad Up

You’re likely to see less of these bigger news round-ups on a Friday going forward – writing up the news as it comes in is how I should be doing things anyway, but this past week I’ve been busy with a major project so a lot has piled up. More on that below.

In case you hadn’t seen the news – we’re getting new DLC for both Unity of Command 2 AND Hearts of Iron 4, and we’re trying to keep up with various review opportunities as well.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames…

Terminal Conflict Released

You may remember back in the distant past of January that we looked at the Early Access build for Terminal Conflict, a cold war strategy/simulation game based around strategic choices and geopolitics with a cool, retro motif. You can read Leon’s thoughts on it to remind yourself, but the game left Steam Early Access this week.

We’ve got Leon on the case again, so keep an eye out for our full review sometime towards the end of next week or the week after.

New ArmA 3 DLC – CSLA Iron Curtain

More Cold War content is coming to ArmA 3 thanks to the newly announced CSLA Iron Curtain. This new pack will add the Czechoslovak People’s Army into the game, along with a new original map called ‘Gabreta’, US armed forces and new weapons, gear and vehicles. It will also come with solo and multiplayer scenarios.

This is a ‘Creator’ DLC, which is made by third party companies. The last one was Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany which was the first official Cold War content update for ArmA 3.

Fantasy General II: Empire Aflame

We were wondering what the team behind Fantasy General II were doing, and we’re pleased to see they’re still working on the reimagining of the fantasy-themed Panzer General spin-off. They’ve got a new expansion due out on October 22nd titled Empire Aflame, where you get to play as the forces of the Empire for the first time.

I will feature a branching narrative campaign, new units and new map themes, as well as a host of other additional content. At the same time this is released, the Onslaught expansion will also be released on console.

Farewell, Strategy Gamer

If any of you readers frequent Wargamer’s sister website, Strategy Gamer, you may have spotted this post detailing what the future holds for the website. In short, it is being folded into one of Network N’s other websites – PCGamesN – where I shall be joining their team as section editor in charge of strategy gaming content.

I will also still be in charge of Wargamer as Editor for the time being. There is A Plan(™) but like all good plans it is in flux and there are a few things still TBD. Don’t expect anything to change until at least the new year – as mentioned above, output has been a bit lacking this past week or so because I’ve been trying to migrate content from Strategy Gamer over to PCGN. Now that that is over normal service can resume.

And the rest:

That’s all we’ve for you this week – enjoy your weekends!


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