Wargamer Weekly: In Soviet Russia, Wargamer Weeklys You

Much of this week has seen me trying to get my experience at the recent Russian Civil War megagame down on paper – the fourth and final part will be going up not long after this update. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series!

Meanwhile, the wargaming world has been progressing unabated – some weird things happening in table-top, if you’ve been paying attention. Companies being bought out by other companies. It seems having successful products just isn’t enough anymore… although Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition is getting a re-print, which is nice.


Digital-wise – we’re gearing up for the prime release season. Lots of interesting things on the horizon, either being released or announced, so it should be an action-packed time in the run-up to Christmas. Let’s recap on what happened this week…

Matrix Games/Slitherine

As Polaris Sector: Lumens gets closer to release, Slitherine have released more information about some of the new features coming in the expansion. For a little bit of background fluff, you can read up on the new Lumen race, but of more interest are the changes to the science game.

We suggest you read the article in more detail, but essentially they’re making all of the races starting conditions more unique, as well as changing up the order in which different races approach different applied sciences. We can’t wait to see it in action.

It was delayed, but Command: Shifting Sands has now been released. This newest stand-alone expansion for CMANO covers the various wars fought in the Middle-East from 1956, to 1982. James is hard at work on a review, so keep an eye out for that.

Speaking of releases, Afghanistan ’11 has now been released for iPad devices. You can read what we thought of that here, although out sister site Pocket Tactics will be getting a dedicated mobile review as soon as we’re able.

We’ve also got a new look at the campaign in the upcoming Sons of Cadia expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach.

Finally Matrix & Slitherine are holding a Halloween sale… because they can? Regardless, from the 26th of October till the 1st of November (inclusive), all of their games and expansions will be 25% off. In order to get the offer, you have to use the code HAPPYHALLOWEEN in the coupon section prior to check-out. If you don’t, you don’t get the discount.

Paradox Interactive

Dev diaries are back in full swing for both Hearts of Iron IV, and Stellaris. Normally we wouldn’t cover Paradox’s sci-fi grand-strategy game, but their most recent dev diary has us interested. The next expansion is going to be huge, and (hopefully) focus on war, which is an area that is need of an overhaul right now. Check out the update to read about Starbases and what they will bring to the game.

Meanwhile, Hearts of Iron IV‘s latest dev diary focuses more on the logistics of war, and how they’ve improved the production line interface, and added the ability to capture enemy equipment.

Ultimate General III

Ultimate General: Gettysburg & Ultimate General: Civil War have been staples of the real-time wargaming genre recently. Developer GameLabs has recently posted on Facebook asking the community to vote on what game they want next – either Ultimate General: Napoleonics or Ultimate General: American Revolution. Head on over to their page have your say. Personally, I’d like to see a Napoleonic game.

One Page Rules

A brief table-top interlude for this week’s update – One Page Rules is back! After creator Gaetano took a break due to real-time pressures, he’s announced his return. Not only that, he’s going to be working on 2nd Editions of all of his rule-sets. You can read more about what that means here.

That’s everything from the world of wargaming this week, let us know if we’ve missed anything, and enjoy your weekend! This article discusses games published and developed by members of the Slitherine Group. For more information, please see the About Us page.