Wargamer Weekly: Running through Fields (of Glory)

Following the relative quiet of the past couple of weeks, wargaming has redoubled its efforts to conquer our time, wallets and general sanity. Lots of cool things to talk about today so catch yourself up on the latest happenings in the world of wargaming.

Matrix Games/Slitherine

Your friendly neighbourhood wargames seems to have launched some kind of summer offensive this week, so plenty to catch you up about.

First up, they announced today that they will be bringing turn-based hex wargame Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon to Mac. They don’t do this very often, so if you’ve wanted to pick this up for your MAC OS machine, make sure you do! No release date as of yet.

Carrier Deck, which we’ve touched on briefly, was released yesterday. If you’re interested in what it’s like, make sure to read Strategy Gamer’s 4-Star review.

In terms of new announcements, there were two that you just might be interested in…

Field of Glory is returning with an official sequel! Field of Glory 2 is being designed by the legend himself, Richard Bodley Scott and his team at Byzantium Games. There’s plenty more information up on the announcement page and the product page, and fans of Sengoku Jidai/Pike & Shot should be pleased to note the similarity between RBS’ past games and this new FOG entry. Here’s an official blurb:

Set during the Rise of Rome from 280 BC to 25 BCField of Glory II will accurately simulate the battles of the Ancient World, before the full establishment of the Roman Empire. Boasting a set of unique and detailed Army Lists for each faction, the game offers a wide variety of tactical choices with more than 80 beautiful and fully animated 3D models, each with multiple uniform variations.

As If that wasn’t enough, Order of Battle is returning the Asian theatre with a new expansion – Burma Road.

In this original and unique DLC, you will fight for the first time in the jungles of Burma, and organize a deep defence to stop the invading Japanese army. You guard the gateway to India, and they can’t be allowed through! Lead forces of both British and Indian conscripts, including the fearsome Chindit infantry, in a 13-scenario campaign! Fight in the sky, on the sea and on land, and command many new units, from 1942 to 1945, reliving the fall of Burma and its reconquest! Remember, Commando operations will be essential!

Both games are taking Beta applicants, so make sure you sign up via the relevant links!

Meanwhile, as the dusts settles on the recently finished Battle of the Bulge tournament, Slitherine have announced that they’re going to start a new 32-player competition for the game called Avalanche of Fire. You can join the fray here, and the tournament will begin later today!

Finally, following the recent D-Day discount, Matrix has decided to discount another couple of games over the weekend. Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm & Germany Reforged are currently 50% off on the Matrix Store until June 18th. You can read more about them here.

Steel Division

We’ve been writing a lot about Steel Division: Normandy ’44 since it first came out. It’s a great real-time wargame, and we’re eager to see what Eugen do next with it.

First thing’s first though – the dev team have been hard a work sorting through the post-launch feedback and have released the game’s first official update, titled “And Justice for All”.

This is mainly a balance update for units, and it also improves many parts of the multiplayer experience as well. You can read the full change-log here.

Table-Top News

Last but certainly not least, our token table-top news item today covers a brand new product coming from Privateer Press, the creators of the Warmachines and Hordes miniature wargames.

Company of Iron is a new Skirmish rule-set, with the average side comprising of 10 – 15 miniatures. All of the existing miniature lines of the flagship games are technically compatible; however the rules have been streamlined and don’t allow for some unit-types. The new game, as well las the two-player starter box, will arrive on October 27th. You can read more on the details here.

Our OTHER token table-top news item is from Victory Point Games – they’ve released a new Expansion Kit for their Napoleonic 20 wargame. It’s currently available at a 15% discount and it must be noted that this will be VP’s LAST in-house print-on-demand game, so if you want it, you better get it now. The kit comes with some new modules to enhance the main game, as well as a smaller introductory game called Hanau 20. The rest of the Napoleonic 20 range is also discounted

That’s all for this week’s update – let us know what you get up to at the weekend, and happy gaming!

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