Wargamer Weekly: Updates Sir, Thousands of em…

It’s not often we get a weekly update as diverse as this one. A combination of regularly active wargame companies and low visibility on some of the more reclusive makers means that quite often this column ends up covering the same 2-3 people every time.

Since Slitherine & Matrix seem to have taken this week off though, we’ve got a great range of news for you.


I’m currently wrapping up an article that you should see next week covering Star Wars: Rebellion. This digital game, which is nearly 20 years old, could be considered the original grand-strategy wargame in many respects and threw players into the devs idea of what total war in the Star Wars universe might look like. Stay tuned next week for the full write-up!

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Slitherine/Matrix Games

It’s been a very quiet week for Slitherine & Matrix games.

The only major release of note is the new AGEOD wargame, Wars of Successionset in the 18th Century. We’ve known about this one for a while, of course, since Bill previewed the beta at the end of 2016. It then disappeared off the radar for a spell, with AGEOD releasing the English Civil War game in the interim, and now it’s finally released. Our review will be with you next week.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if a new Strategic Command Classic re-release turned up soon. If you’ve been patiently waiting for Matrix to port over the old Battlefront Strategic Command games to the Matrix store, you may not have much longer to wait.

JTS Releases More Gold Editions

We’ve mentioned previously that John Tiller Studios has partnered with the Wargame Design Studio to bring out Gold editions of all of the 21 classic Panzer Campaigns games. Since that process started back at the beginning of December with Smolensk ’41, the company has also released:

Mius ’43 (Demo), Stalingrad ’42, Moscow ’42, Kharkov ’42, Minsk ’44, Rzhev ’42, Kursk ’43 and finally Budapest ’45.

WDS seem to be releasing them every 1-2 weeks, so expect more to appear soon enough. Grogheads have a thread you can check out where the updates are being posted.

Digital Game Works

We’ve covered these guys before as well, although they release games sparingly. Somehow though we completely forgot about their first release of 2018 – Combat Actions: Vietnam.

This skirmish-level game is represents “a unique abstracted combat game that puts the player in command of a US Infantry Squad / Platoon during the Vietnam War. It covers some of the prevalent ground combat conditions and ‘Fire Fights’ that occurred between the United States and North Vietnamese / VietCong forces.”

You should check out the game page for more info, and James Cobb is on the case for us in terms of a review.

In addition to this, DGW have shared some information on what else they’re working on this year, including a new Combat Actions zombie game, and ZuluDawn!, where you fight the 1879 Battle of Isandlwana. I don’t have to tell you how all over that I’m going to be…

Battlefleet Gothic Armada II

We quite enjoyed the original Battlefleet Gothic Armada, even if it had its issues. It’s a shame then that Tindalos seemed to go silent after release – 2017 saw little-to-no work being done on the game at all. No we know why.

The developer has announced they’ll be releasing a sequel that will come with 12 factions, build on the foundation of the first game, and incorporate current 40K happenings from the “Gathering Storm” event. Head on over to our sister site for more details.

Tannenberg & Verdun to Merge

Moving into the realms of games about war for a spell, word come in from the frontlines that Blackmill Games, developer of shooter-wargames Tannenberg & Verdun, are merging the two together into one super game.

Now titled the “1914-1918 Series“, consumers will still have to buy each part individually, only now you can access either title from within the game menu itself. They’ve also taken this opportunity to bring some graphical improvements to Verdun, to bring it up to the same level as the newer Tannenberg.

You can read the full patch notes of the ‘Merge Update’ here, and don’t forget to check out what we thought of Tannenberg and how it portrays WW1 action.

Panzer Strategy Now on Steam

You may remember we highlighted this project to you in a previous Wargamer Weekly. This new take on the Panzer Corps formula – which uses the Unreal Engine to render everything in full 3D – is getting closer to its Steam launch.

The steam page is live now, and currently the Early Access period is due to launch on February 28th and last no longer than three months. We’ll be going hands-on with the game as soon as we can.

And just to round it all off, a quick mention regarding the Hearts of Iron 4 Dev Diary this week. Nothing mind blowing, but they’re changing how wars are tracked and merged across different factions, which will be welcome.

That’s all for this week’s news round-up. Have a good weekend and we’ll see you next week! This article contains games that are developed and published by members of the Slitherine Group with which we share an affiliation. For more information, please see the  page.


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