Wargamer Weekly: Would You Like Some Foederati With That?

I’m still slowly plugging away at Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain. I’ve played through the starting scenario a few times and have no switched to the short scenario they provide that’s meant to encapsulate the late-game. The British factions are fragmented, and barbarians have presence in the east and Wales.

It’s proven a lot more difficult to run the solo rules for this so far as I’m not longer sure what the barbarian faction’s priorities are now that they’re on the board and the win conditions have changed. As I play more turns this should become clearer, but it’s slow going at the moment.

To accompany me in my gaming, I’ve bought a new book that I stumbled on via the internet. King Arthur’s Wars, by Jim Storr, is a fascinating look at the Anglo-Saxon conquest of post-roman Britain that combines military theory, archaeology and toponomy to try and put forward a narrative timeline of events. The chapters I’ve read so far a dealing with initial migrations and revolts, but are looking at the placement of defensive earthworks and village names (with some conjecture around chronology) to show the tactical and operational concerns of Saxons and Romano-British during the fifth to seventh centuries. It’s been pretty good so far.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Rules the Waves II Announced

The late James Cobb rather enjoyed Rule the Waves, the pre-WW1 Navy Simulator from Naval Warfare Simulations. You were the Grand Admiral of a nation’s entire naval branch and had to run the everything whilst trying not to get fired. This would involve everything from ship design and research, to conducting combat operations in case of war.

NWS have now announced they are working on a Rule the Waves II, which is due sometime this year in Q2/3. It will cover the period 1900 – 1950 (the announcement art shows a more modern looking aircraft carrier and may even include jet aircraft.

To celebrate, the company is offering a discount on the first Rule the Waves as well as other titles, and anyone who owns the first game will get a discount on purchasing Rule the Waves II.

More Close Combat Games on GOG

This would normally go in the ‘Slitherine/Matrix Games’ section, but they don’t seem to be promoting it themselves. Indeed, other than this, Desert War‘s release and a patch we’ll talk about in a moment, it’s been a very quiet week from the eternal wargame’s company.

Three more Close Combat titles have now been re-released on GOG.com. Close Combat 5: Invasion Normandy covers the iconic invasion of 1944 that gave the allies a foothold in France.

Close Combat: Cross of Iron was a re-make of 1998’s Close Combat III: The Russian Front which was originally released in 2011. It features better visuals and sound, alongside some light RPG elements, like veteran troops that gain extra skills after surviving a battle.

Finally, 2007’s Close Combat: Modern Tactics makes a return. This entry brought the action into a more contemporary setting with 25 individual scenarios inspired by real-life events. It also came with a Scenario Editor.

All of these titles are 50% off till March 27th, although there is a general Close Combat sale going on until March 26th. All of the classic games seem to be retailing for £4.59, with the newer Matrix titles full-priced at £29.99.

Hearts of Iron IV

We’ve missed out on a couple of dev diaries for this lately, although they’ve mainly been looking at plans for post Waking the Tiger support. This week’s diary covers some of the initial changes that have been made (mostly quality of life stuff), while last week’s provided some interesting insights into what players were choosing Focus Tree wise. The majority of German players still prefer rolling with the Nazis over the alt-history route, but it’s close: 45/55.

Grand Tactician

Nothing much to report here, other than the official twitter account giving us an update on what’s been happening. A new website and units are the current priorities, and we got some screens that show off the battlefield environments as well.

Campaign Series: Middle East

For those of you playing this alternative desert-themed turn-based wargame, it has now been updated to Version 2.01. It’s mainly errata, fixes and some data tweaks. You can read the full change-log on the Matrix website.

That’s all for this week’s update – have a good weekend, and happy gaming!